Eleventh Hour

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Fri, Aug11, 2017 10:45pm America/Phoenix
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Eleventh Hour

*Static crackles on-screen, giving way to the image of a classic wall clock.  The clock, featuring a white background with black numbers and hands, is currently set to 12:00.  As the camera is focused on the clock, a voice can be heard emanating from off-camera.*

???: The hands of time are ticking away...

*As the voice rings, the clock begins to turn.  The minute hand moves around the clock at a semi-rapid pace, followed by the slower speed of the hour hand.*

???: ...and with those hands, Fury comes closer and closer.

*From the right side of the camera steps Syndicate.  He is wearing his white leather jacket, black t-shirt, and blue jeans, and holds the Undisputed World Championship over his left shoulder.  He walks in front of the clock and stands in the center of the shot.  The clock, with perspective established, can now be seen as having a 5-foot radius.*

Syndicate: I believe it was Simon and Garfunkel who once wrote, "...and no one dared disturb the sound of silence."  The same statement rings true this week, as Krimzon Blaze, after his AA meeting with his old Alliance of Defiance buddies, has gone radio silent.  Not a peep.  Right as shit was hitting the fan, too.

*He smiles as the clock behind him continues to tick, eventually reaching 1:00.*

Syndicate: It really shows you how much of a man Krimzon truly is.  The former four-time World Champion gets verbally challenged just ONCE and he just shuts down.  It's sad, really.  Even Cameron Westport provides more stuff to respond to.  But, you know, it's the eleventh hour, and I'm still awake and ready to spar.

*The clock hits 2:00.*

Syndicate: That's what a true champion is, you know: a man that is ready to fight and defend his title anytime, anywhere.  Even if the title isn't on the line, a real champion fights as if it is.  So here I am, ready to go and ready to survive any and all onslaughts.  But over there stands Krimzon Blaze, doing the exact |BLEEP|ing opposite.  He waits in the shadows.  He asserts his "dominance" and "experience" and "Hall of Fame status" but does nothing with any of that.  He wants to become a five-time World champ?  Come on.  The man's gotta put in a bit more effort than this.

*The hands move to 3:00.*

Syndicate: But enough about his perceived effort level.  Let's talk wrestling, shall we?  You know, the sport that I have dominated for the past four years STRAIGHT?  I've been wrestling here in the WWX for four years now.  That's forty-eight months of WORK and DEDICATION to perfecting my craft.  What have YOU done, Krimzon?  Sat on the sidelines?  Waited for your opportunity to come to you?  In simpler terms...NOTHING?  Because that's what it seems like to me.


Syndicate: But no matter.  No matter how we got to this point, we're both here, and there's no outside distractions or third wrestlers to worry about.  It's just me and you with nothing more than pride on the line.  Now, I know you lost your pride a month or so ago in the triple-threat match when you couldn't break up the pin in time, but let's pretend that you still have some left for Fury.


Syndicate: I can physically guarantee that, even if you have your pride and your training and your experience, that you won't win our matchup.  You can't beat PERFECTION, Krimzon, because that's exactly what I am: perfect.  Perfect in every sense of the word.  You know it, the guys in the back know it, and the WWX Universe knows it.  I may not be the "Wrestling God", but I sure as hell am a gift from God.  You can't beat that on your best day.


Syndicate: Now that we've focused on the past and the present, let's look at the future, shall we?  Well, at least I will because as far as I can see, you don't have any sort of future in this company.  After Fury - after I pin your ass on that mat - you will have NOTHING left in the WWX.  Your AoD friends?  They're all retired.  Your chance at the World title?  Gone.  I don't care what anybody says, Krimzon; the clock is quite literally ticking on your career.

*The clock now begins to speed up, quickly skipping over 7:00 and moving to 8:00.*

Syndicate: You're already a legend in your own right.  You've already done everything there is to do.  And you sure as hell won't win another World title as long as I'm around.  I am the Los Angeles Outlaw, I am the World Heavyweight Champion, and I am the best that this business has to offer.  You can't beat that, Krimzon.  You will NEVER be able to beat that.

*8:00 quickly turns into 9:00 and then 10:00.*

Syndicate: It's coming, Krimzon.  The eleventh hour is here, and there is nothing you can do about it.  It is your turn to fall to the might of hottest wrestler in the WWX today.

*The clock strikes 11:00 and a loud DONG resonates.*

Syndicate: Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate smiles as the camera turns to static.*

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