Embrace Darkness

Roleplay Roleplay by AARON REIKO
On Tue, Aug07, 2018 6:39pm America/Phoenix
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Embrace Darkness
It is a dark room. Nothing is visible. You hear the subtle creaking of wood. And then suddenly a small candle lights up. All you can see is one side of a face in the light of the fire. One eye, a cheek, barely a nose. You see pulled back hair and a trimmed beard. The figure seems to have a smile on his face. He pulls the candle away from him so that his entire face becomes visible. He begins to speak...

It's so funny to me. One little stick of wax. One little device holds the key to light. The only thing separating the light from the dark is this little stick that I hold in my hand. Light is a funny concept to me. Light is almost symbolic of us humans. What happens when you take the oxygen away from a person? They fade. Why do we need light? We don't. The only people who need light are the ones who are afraid of the dark. Justin Smith. Kurtis Ray. Syndicate. Gimmick Jones...

His smile quickly dissipates as he names the next member of the WWX roster.

Xander Adams. Make no mistake about it: You all belong to me now. We've all heard the sayings before. It's us against them. You're either with me or you're against me. Darkness is coming to WWX and you all have a very important decision to make. It's time to decide. Will you embrace the darkness? Or will I have to take the air away from the WWX?

Just then, you can see a group of individuals stepping into the light. But before you can see who they are or what they look like, the figure grabs the light of the candle, causing it to be put out. Words fade into the screen and form out of smoke:

He's coming.

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