End of the Road

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Sun, Sep09, 2018 7:04pm America/Phoenix
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End of the Road


*Black-and-white static flashes across the screen before slowly fading into a beautiful shot of midday Rome, the setting of this weekend's massive Coliseum event.  Today's video is set at the Giardino delle Cascate, which translates to "The Garden of the Falls."  The camera is pointed up at a tall hill filled to the brim with lush greenery.  The hill is split down the middle by a winding river that flows down to the Fontane dell'EUR, a series of waterfalls and fountains that serves as the centerpiece of the EUR district.  At the very top of the hill, the famous PalaLottomatica sits bathed in sunlight, looking as if the arena is being raised into the heavens.  The camera pans down from the hill to reveal the profile of Syndicate, the Lone Wanderer of the WWX, leaning against a fence while looking up at the waterfalls.  With the waves passing underneath the walkway that he stands upon, Syndicate is dressed in a black Under Armour hoodie, ripped-up blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  With his blonde hair fluttering in the breeze and a mist from the river filling the air around him, Syndicate turns his attention to the camera with a smirk on his face.*

Syndicate: All good things, Tommy Lipton...must come to an end.  What a career you've had.  So many championships, so many accolades, so many other wrestlers taken down in absolutely brutal fashion.

*Syndicate turns his head down to the stone floor of the walkway, shaking his head in slight laughter.*

Syndicate: It's just so unfortunate that now, in the twilight of your career, that everything is slipping away from your hands.  You had those few years there where you were out of the company, sitting on your couch and battling your own demons.  During that time, however, a man by the name of Sydney Maxwell Irvine had burst onto the scene and taken the wrestling world by storm.  Sure, he wasn't the biggest or strongest or most physical guy...but he had a lot of heart and a ton of passion for the business.  To put it bluntly, he was a threat to the establishment, something that Tommy Lipton didn't like to see.

Syndicate: So Lipton came after me.  He infiltrated my faction, trying to tear it apart from the inside.  He started getting involved in my matches, taking away opportunities I had rightfully earned.  And even after we had stopped beating each other up every week...he was still working his magic backstage, making sure that I would have to work ten times harder to stay at the top.  And even after yet another failure, after he had been defeated once again, Tommy Lipton still could not let bygones be bygones.  Why?  Because Tommy Lipton is a jealous piece of shit that can't accept his own failures.  That's not even an opinion of mine...that's a fact that has been proven time and time again over the past number of months.

*With a steely look in his eyes, Syndicate stares into the camera lens.*

Syndicate: Tommy Lipton likes to paint himself as the SAVIOR of this company.  He puts so much effort into keeping this place open and making sure it's better than any other wrestling promotion in the world.  But I contend...that he's doing more to hurt the WWX than he is to save it.  All those months ago, before he even gained power, I called him the "poison" that's been eating the WWX alive for the past decade.  And as much as he's tried to distance himself from that description...he's only let the poison sink deeper and deeper.

Syndicate: Why does Tommy come after me?  I'm a |BLEEP|ing STAR for this company.  I put more butts in those seats than pretty much anyone else in that locker room.  I put on some of the best and most compelling matches this INDUSTRY has ever seen, and I do it EVERY |BLEEP|ING NIGHT.  You've got people like Kurtis Ray and Xander Adams who are flakier than a box of Wheaties, and then you've got me.  The guy that's always in the gym, the guy that's always at the press conferences and the conventions, the guy that's KEEPING THIS PLACE OPEN.  And Tommy Lipton has an issue with ME?  If he REALLY cared about this place, if he REALLY wanted the WWX to succeed...he'd be boosting me up rather than taking me down.  And THAT'S what frustrates me the most about this whole situation.  Yeah, screwjobs suck, and yeah, having to constantly be watching my own back gets a bit frustrating...but that's not what's important here.  What matters to me is that the company that I love, the company that I've poured my blood, sweat, and tears into...stays at the top of this industry, right where it deserves to be.  Tommy Lipton has proven that he doesn't want that...and because of that, I am looking to destroy him in order to save the WWX.

*Placing his hands in his sweatshirt pockets, Syndicate turns to his left and walks down the walkway.  As he follows a paved path surrounded on both sides by hedges, he continues his rant.*

Syndicate: Tommy...your reign ends now.  I am not going to put up with your shit for another second.  The WWX doesn't belong to you anymore...you simply can't be allowed to go around and do whatever the hell you want without repercussions.  I am here to take you down, Tommy.  I am here to bring you to your knees and make you cry on pay-per-view.  I am here...to do what you've supposedly been doing this whole |BLEEP|ing time and SAVE this company.  Because after I'm done beating you, I'm going to go on and take the World Wrestling Championship away from someone who NEVER should have obtained it in the first place, and THEN, IN THAT MOMENT, I will finally be able to say that this company's in a good place.  Not because I'm the champion, though...because, for the first time in months, the wrestlers of the WWX will be controlling their own destinies once again, without having to worry about a corrupt general manager ruining everybody's lives.

*Coming up to a decently-sized tree, Syndicate leans against the trunk and stares into the camera with a sick smile on his face.*

Syndicate: It's the end of the road for you, Tommy...don't you see it?  Don't you see what's right in front of you?  Don't you see what you're in for?

*The Lone Wanderer winks as he comes to his conclusion.*

Syndicate: Just remember, Tommy...you caused all of this.  You caused this inevitable destruction to take place.  And at Coliseum...the walls of the mighty Lipton Empire will finally crumble at the hands...of the Lone Wanderer.

*Allowing a small chuckle to escape from his lips, Syndicate walks right past the camera and down the path.  The camera then swivels back towards the waterfalls of the Giardino delle Cascate as static takes over the shot.*



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