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[The Parish of Polaris is shown. A perfectly maintained, shrine in the middle of the dark, damp woods. The trees have been weathered by storms and damaged by rain and snow, but the Parish remains perfectly maintained. The camera pans and circles around the Parish in one full circle before going through the doors. On the inside, just as immaculate as the outside, is Bishop Polaris. He is kneeling at the end of aisle, right in front of the podium. The camera approaches Bishop as he is knelt but as it gets about half way there he stands up. Bishop turns around, smiling from ear to ear excited to see the camera.]

Bishop “Welcome to the Parish of Polaris! I’m glad you’ve arrived, I have so much to tell you.”

[Bishop excitedly takes a seat on a pew and pats the seat next to him, where the cameraman then positions himself.]

Bishop “Every day I come closer to enlightenment and thanks to my upcoming opponents McAllister and Lipton my eyes have been opened ever wider! I lost my focus, but the words and lack thereof have made me see the perspective of others on myself. Rex McAllister warns my friend and tag team partner Tom Black of me being a snake. For some reason, he quoted Tom to Tom. Tom said “I. Want. My. Titles.” And somehow Rex has made me responsible for that. Tom knows my intentions as I’ve worn them on my sleeve. My mission is to spread purity and sanctity and repair our broken world, his is to kick ass and take titles. Our stories are not the same, are motives are nearly opposite but they run parallel! We are combining our efforts to advance both of our motives.”

[Bishop, stops smiling and looks straight into the camera.]

Bishop “Mr. McAllister calls me a snake… out of panic he has thrown that feeling at me, holding his fears at bay. Yes. Yes Rex I am a snake and you can feel me constricting around your titles. You can feel my venom spreading through you as you near the end of your title reign. My words are my fangs and you have been bit, on Sunday I will finalize what I’ve started with you.”

[Bishop eases his expression and turns his head towards the front of the Parish. Looking at the stain glass windows at the front of the building. The image depicting a man in all white, amongst the clouds.]

Bishop “Perhaps the more enlightening however, was Tommy Lipton. Lipton barely managed to get my name out of his mouth. Much more focused on the monstrous Dark One. Who can blame his? It’s hard to miss the big guy. On Sunday I’m sure you won’t. What you’ve failed to bring attention to is myself. I don’t mind, because soon all while wait on the word of Bishop Polaris. I’d rather Lipton not see me coming. Like a snake in the grass.”

[Bishop begins smiling again, now turning his head to a mysterious door in the corner of the room, but the front door.]

Bishop “Symptoms of my bite are… a lack of swearing, a short haircut, all around cleanliness. My fangs are my words and purity is my venom. McAllister and Lipton no matter what your perception of me today is, come Sunday your perception of me will be one half of the new tag team champions. The Pure in Pure Darkness. The Light One to the Dark One. The Patron Saint of Purity. The Slithering Saint. I will open your eyes on Sunday, the way you have opened mine today.”

[Bishop motions to the door in the corner and the cameraman stands up and heads to it. He opens the door revealing a stone set of stairs and Bishop cuts in front of him. Bishop goes half way down and faces back up.]

Bishop “My private gym… it’s prefect for Tom Black.”

[The camera continues down the stairs. Tom Black can be heard yelling and grunting in the background. The camera reaches the bottom of the stairs and a large cellar room is revealed. Exercise equipment fills one half of the room where Bishop has began a work out, the other side is empty. On the empty side is Tom Black who is continually lifting a boulder over his head and slamming it into the ground. Breaking it down smaller and smaller with each forceful slam. ]

Black(pauses and looks at the cameraman) “Get used to capturing this image. Tom Black piledriving his opponent into the ground, cracking his weak opponent into pieces.”

[Black goes back to obliterating the rock. The camera fades to black as Pure Darkness works out.]

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