Everybody Fears Something

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Sun, Oct29, 2017 10:08pm America/Phoenix
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Everybody Fears Something
"Fear... Everybody fears something in their lifetime." Darkness says says as the camera comes to life.

Darkness can be seen standing in a old run down house. The house is falling apart and barely standing. The furniture is covered with sheets and there is at least an inch of dust covering everything. A slew of creepy and satanic pictures can be seen hanging on the wall.

"Welcome to what some may call a house of horrors including the higher ups of the WWX. The WWX is promoting a House of Horror match for the Undisputed World Heavyweight championship yet nobody knows what the heck the match is not even the higher ups of the WWX. Yet here we are just mere days away from Hall of Pain and what am I preparing for... just a match. A regular old match. A match in which my opponents all fear something." says Darkness as he flips on a light switch.

A single light bulb comes on giving off enough light to show four picture frames hanging on the wall. The picture frames contain a picture of each of Darkness' competitors... Rex McAllister, Tommy Lipton, Syndicate, and Korath. Darkness walks over to the first picture of Rex McAllister.

"Rex your biggest fear is that you will never be excellent or as you say rexcellent enough for the WWX. Its been a year since you have set foot in the heavyweight division. Now don't get me wrong you dabbled in the tag division in that time. But you were far from rexcellent since you were competing in a water down division. Then what did you do but disgrace the tag division and the titles by giving them up for what will be a feeble attempt to take the Undisputed title away from me. Your fear will come to past at Hall of Pain where you will not be so rexcellent." proclaims Darkness as he moves onto the next picture.

Darkness stops at the picture of Korath.

"Korath, the so called Nordic Nightmare. I say more like the Nordic Daydream." utters Darkness. "You fear you will never be the nightmare you think you are. Nobody fears you Korath and especially not me. I am the nightmare of the WWX. I fear no one Korath and I laugh at the thought that you want me to just hand you the title and retire. What have you been smoking Korath? What ever it is has you dreaming." says Darkness as he makes his way to the third picture.

Darkness stops at the third picture and it is none other than legend Tommy Lipton.

"The legend, Mr. WWX Tommy Lipton. The man I have faced numerous times but yet to beat. I know you don't fear me Tommy but I do know what you do fear and that is the possibility that you will never hold the World title again. The fear that you will never be the top guy in the WWX again. Why do you think you deserve this shot since you also along with Rex disgraced the tag team titles by giving them up." utters Darkness again about the tag titles.

Instead of moving on Darkness stays at the picture of Tommy Lipton.

"Our last match I do believe Tommy, was at Hall of Pain." says Darkness while thinking about it. "A last man standing match that you won by taking out my knee where I was unable to get up. That will not happen this time Tommy. This time things will be different. It's not a last man standing match or who knows it might be but no matter Tommy because this time you will be the one not getting up."

Darkness moves down to the last picture. The picture of the Syndicate.

"The man I took the Undisputed championship from... the Los Angeles Whiner. All you do Syndicate is whine about how you got screwed out this and that. You know what you fear Syndicate. You fear the fact that one day your whining will get you no where and you will have to depend on your other so called talent of wrestling to get you to the top. You see Syndicate I battled my way back to the top. Never in my career have I whined or cried my way into a title match like you. You may have had a great streak going before World Series when it all came crashing down but I can guarantee you that your streak will not start again at Hall of Pain." exclaims Darkness as he moves away from the pictures. 

Darkness walks to the center of the room and plops down onto a couch. Dust flies up all around him.

"Welcome to the House of Horrors..." Darkness says as he pauses for a second. "I think."

The camera fades as Darkness sits on the couch staring at the pictures.

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