Evolution Transition

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Fri, Jul06, 2018 5:27pm America/Phoenix
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Evolution Transition
[The traveling interview room at the WWX events has seen hundreds of superstars over the past couple of decades. It is a necessity for a multimedia company of this size to house a small corner dedicated to sit down journalism. It's survived renovations and revisions over the years, however, the concept remains unchanged; a simple setting for a simple segment. Two vertical banners, an image of our Hardcore champion and an advertisement for Outrage, stand behind black cushioned twin side chairs. A table rests between these seats, draped in a dark purple cloth, completes the basic furnishings.]

[Sitting on-screen is a man known to the general public. He appears professional, his athletic frame hidden beneath a dark three-piece suit. The interviewer sits straight up in his chair, speaking directly to the camera with paternal enthusiasm.] 

-Riddick “the Critic” Crooke-

“Hello wrestling fanatics. MR. CRITIC here and joining me now, cutting into my precious television time is WWX’s current reigning Hardcore Champion, DragonFly.”    


[DragonFly pulls off the titanium chrome Alien predator helmet and speaks through the mouth slit of the demonic silver horned luchador mask underneath.]



“Muchas Gracias, seńor Crooke and congratulations on your ‘promotion’ and transition to the ‘safer’ like you requested last week. Which reminds me, my sincerest of apologies for striking you in the mouth and dislodging your front tooth. The bill you sent me to pay for the damages was rather expensive but well worth it.”

***** Riddick “The Critic” Crooke *****

“Yes, well.. what you did was highly unprofessional and there is always a price to pay when you play with Mr. Critic who, by the way, made the choice to move this money maker of a face and these silky smooth vocal cords over to the interviewer side of the camera, which also happens to be my other good side as well but enough about me. Let’s talk OUTRAGE! (The last word is theatrically yelled out in a passionate scream)

“Si. Better yet, let’s talk Matt Glazebrook. Since the Hardcore Championship was reintroduced into the WWX.. only two names have earned the right to have their name etched into a championship that will grow in value and prestige as it becomes synonymous with one name…” 


“Last week your power was both seen and felt when you pressed my elusive body over your head, where with a running start towards the ropes, you stopped short as you launched my carcass like a lawn dart into the sea of humanity watching from ringside.” 

“Painful as that landing was.. (rubs and rotates the right shoulder) it was also exhilarating! The adrenaline rush is a natural high that no drug can replicate. Although herbal remedies serve its own purposes and will help the healing process after enduring the torturous punishment that awaits you inside my sanctuary of sin simply known as the slaughterhouse of pain.” 

“Matt Glazebrook is a World Class athlete and a tag team wrestling Icon along with the other half of 420 who also happens to be the only other name besides yours truly to hold this Hardcore Championship currently in my possession, where it will stay until someone is willing to prove themselves worthy of taking it from me and even then.. there will be the challenge of defeating WWX’s most elusive, resilient Superstar in a brutally violent atmosphere where a deadly DragonFly such as me is most dangerous.”

“Gary Tinordi once held this Hardcore Championship. Now you have the chance to do the same, Glazebrook. You may be trained as a tag team specialist however you are a true competitor at heart, same as me. Your record and resume speaks for itself..”

“Do you know what speaks even louder than that white noise? Your reputation.”

“Multiple time tag team champion and a man that is good enough to hold just about any title here when focused, determined and hungry for it however what is seen more is the lack of motivation that comes with certain people in that type of lifestyle.. Ignorance is bliss is an expression that falls on deaf ears mixed in with the rest of the white noise while all that can be heard is the respect you are shown and given from your peers, for good reason. Not due to force or backstage politics or whatever childish games some choose to engage in for the sake of satisfying one's own egotistical ways.”

“You are shown and given respect for two very simple reasons. You earn and deserve it without taking any short cuts and playing the backstabbing political games.” 

“Success does not go to your head as if it is new and you never experienced it before.” 

“I appreciate that. You are real and relatable. For that you have my respect as well..”

“However, this match isn’t going to be fought for respect. This will be for a Hardcore Championship Title that many men have bled over.”  
“Super Bacon. We have crossed paths before and although we started off on the wrong foot, you have since made a name for yourself here through your efforts. You will be the wildcard in this equation and a reminder as to why my head must stay on a constant swivel throughout this type of match because the difference between victor and victim in a high stakes match like this? Is to avoid making the big mistake or falling for one small distraction that taking one's eye of the prize long enough to stay outside of the winner’s circle and when the pressure is on to perform that is when you will see me at both my best..”

"..and worst. Super Bacon. Matt Glazebrook. These are my last words."

"Be ready."

[A green mist sprays the camera lens blocking out the view as the transition ends abruptly.]

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