Ew, bacon

Roleplay Roleplay by KENDRA HAZE
On Sat, Mar24, 2018 4:01pm America/Phoenix
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Ew, bacon
[Kendra is seen swinging a cricket bat around in an empty field]

Haze: That mean Callie she didn't want to let me play. Can't believe someone would be so mean, sounds just like old times for me.

[Kendra drops the cricket bat stretching her arms out and points at the camera with one eye closed]

Haze: No need to worry about her though, I have to go face-to-face with some masked man named Super....Bacon. Gross, I don't care what people say, I will never find anything good about bacon. Why on Earth would you name yourself after something so disgusting.

[Kendra shivers]

Haze: Why not something like Blazing Tulip or Black Rose...oh that one is taken already. Still making those small steps towards being able to earn a championship match. I am not going to gun for it now, because no one there plays nice. 

[Kendra picks up the cricket bat again and swings it towards the camera]

Haze: Super Bacon, prepare to be turned into a pile of mush. You want to play, meat boy, just don't get any disgusting bacon grease on me, the facility does not like doing my laundry.

[Kendra winks at the camera before swinging the bat at it, knocking it out]

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