Exclusive interview: Welcome to Reality

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Tue, Mar27, 2018 12:50pm America/Phoenix
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Exclusive interview: Welcome to Reality
The scene opens with the ocean in the background. On a yacht Tommy Lipton sits on the couches wearing a Under Armour Tank Top and shorts with lacost flip flops. With him is WWX interviewer Chris Sanders whos in a T and shorts and rocking black sandles. Long Island Ice Teas have freshly been delivered by the waiting staff on board and a smorgasbord loaded with meats cheese and fruits set on a table for their enjoyment. Off the stern are deep sea fishing rods. The two appear to be having a relaxing afternoon on the sea. Chris faces the camera.

Chris: I am Chris Sanders welcoming you all to an exclusive interview with your Undisputed Champion, Tommy Lipton. 
Tommy, thank you for having me. Let us start off by asking you, how does it feel to once again be the Champion?

Tommy: How does it feel to be a king of the people? A king represents his people with honor and dignity. A king carries a nation on his back and has a great responsibility. In a way that's exactly what it's like being a good and strong Champion... So it feels great but it's a lot of work. I am not a new Champion, I have walked this road many times and I cannot say it ever gets any easier. The target on my back will remain there as long as I hold the most prestigious title in the World Wrestling Xistence. It's my job to not forget about that target and it's my job to go out there week after week and fight with honor and properly represent what a good Champion is suppose to be for his people, his fans. 

Chris nods in agreement as Tommy continues. 

Tommy: I made a comment on WWX's social media page about how I have been more of a fighting champion than any other I have seen hold the title since my return. I mean, I won the belt in a triple threat then a week later I had to defend against the former champion Xavier Pendragon and now there is no breaks as I am set to face off and once again defend my belt against a guy I have yet to beat he too is another former champion. But that's what it's all about to be a fighting champion and a fighting champion is what WWX needs. I will always be what WWX needs me to be and right now that is by being the Champion. 

Chris: You have a tough road ahead I have heard through the grapevine but is it fair to say that James Ranger views you as a man who can handle pressure? Perhaps he knows you will push your competition to their limits and by doing so that offers great action for the viewers, the WWX  Universe. 

Tommy: He knows I bring it all to the table and he knows I am definetly use to handling high pressured situations. He also knows I welcome all challengers. 

Chris: So you mentioned him, but what do you think about the former Champion, Xavier Pendragon still claiming he deserves a shot?

Tommy: It is time Xavier Pendragon takes a backseat. He put up a great fight but lost in his rematch and there's others who deserve a shot to headline ravages and pay per views with the One and Only! 

Chris: Do you feel Xavier gave you a good fight?

Tommy: He did.

Chris: yet you do not feel he deserves another shot? 

Tommy: He does, but not right now... There's others that I feel also deserve a shot like I've mentioned, and Xavier has had his moment now and perhaps will have his moment again, but yeah, just not now. He may feel that I am not the One and Only, but I was the one and only to beat his ass and take the title. I think that speaks loudly. 

Chris: Fair enough. So we are traveling now to your next destination, could you let us all know what are the future destinations for your World Champ Tour?

Tommy: Many places... The Middle East, more of Europe, China, Canada, South America. Lots of cool places coming up Chris... As long as I surpass "The Man" Syndicate this week on Ravage! 

Chris: Syndicate has spoken out against you this week saying he's up there with you because he beat some of the same guys you did... he also shows no respect toward them saying he doesn't put them above himself. What feelings or thoughts do you have about this?

Tommy: I'm glad you mentioned the respect aspect.... Men like Lost Soul and DGS have done a lot in this company. Any member of the locker room is naive if they can't see that. They are also full of shit if they think they have done enough to say they are better than. Everyone knows DGS and I do not at all get along, but I respect the hard work he's put forth over the years. 
Syndicate now has made a few comments in regards to my last time speaking to this Awesome Universe while in Rome. He may try to word things in a way to go against what I said... But what I was saying was that in order to name an Era after himself, he has much more to still do. He took one point out of my statement and TA DA... He claims the right to say the Era of Syndicate! But I clearly said, it wasn't just defeating some of the greats, and for the record I mentioned a few names out of many... many he will never get a chance to face.

Tommy leans back and rubs his fingers through his hair and then takes a drink. 

Tommy: I have fought against big talkers and hard hitters, I have faced off against not so big a talker but instead genieus strategists. I also said running as GM and being the most feared competitor was part of the construction of the Era of Lipton. I also never named it the Era of Lipton, other wrestlers in the locker room did just as they were the ones who named me Mr. WWX. Once given these titles I ran with them but that was after earning the respect to EARN them. Something this kid cannot seem to understand. Listen Chris, can you pass me the belt beside you. 

Chris hands Tommy the Undisputed Championship strap and Tommy puts it over his shoulder.

Tommy: Syndicate just knows that he can't match up to my accomplishments and tried to jump on one aspect to make himself look greater than the reality. The reality is, there's been NO Era of Syndicate... Like ever! 
The Truth!? While he was champ the highlights were of Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton as a tag unit, not his over played rival with Kurtis or any other...  

Chris: Strong points. 

Tommy: Further more... He constantly hugs onto this imaginatory meeting of 2013. Let's just say it wasn't the One and Only Tommy Lipton who appeared that night, and honestly I don't care.. The reality and the fact is that come Ravage ... it will be me in the flesh and it won't be my ass that's kicked... oh no... Syndicate, welcome to reality... welcome to a taste of my Era... I Am Coming! 
So.... Get ready because you are not facing a man, you are facing THE MAN!

Tommy holds the title high and then he looks at the camera and drags his thumb across his throat to motion the feed to cut. 

Cut scene---

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