Exclusive Interview with Rex McAllister!

On Sun, Feb11, 2018 2:26pm America/Phoenix
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Exclusive Interview with Rex McAllister!
The scene begins in a closed quarters room, one that's small but has the perfect lighting to it along with a couple of chairs and a sofa to compliment this rather comfortable setting. This is a candid one on one interview that has been pre-taped for this week's edition of WWX Ravage. Chris Sanders sits down with WWX Superstar, and one of the current number one contenders to the Undisputed WWX Championship, Rex McAllister, in a match that's set to take place at the next WWX PPV, Aftershock. Rex, who is already sitting down, is dressed in a regular plain black t-shirt and dark blue jeans, and black tennis shoes. Rex wears the look of a determined man, that holds lots of emotions on the inside that have lead to this interview taking place, though he is sitting back with his arms resting on the arm rests to give at least the indication at the moment that he's as relaxed as he can possibly be. Chris Sanders wastes no time as the cameras begin rolling.

Chris: Good evening, Rex. I know there are a lot of people here in the WWX, as well as around the world that are rather curious as to what feelings you may have on a variety of subjects as it pertains to the World Wrestling Xistence, and perhaps many more things. You've personally asked that this be conducted in closed quarters, that there be no commercial interruptions, that no other representatives of the WWX be present to include General Manager, James Ranger, or other any WWX talent during this.

Rex looks on, just listening intently as Chris continues.

Chris: With Aftershock just around the corner, you've more than made your intentions clear about your quest to obtain the World Wrestling Xistence Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. The last several months has shown quite a difference in both disposition and motives when it comes to you as you have gotten closer to obtaining your goal. Can you-....

Rex: You know, it's really doesn't come as a surprise to me anymore when I have to correct you people anymore. 

The camera pans to Rex.

Rex: I've been in this company almost three years now, Chris. I came upon this place fresh off of six years spent on the Indy scene with the IWF (Independent Wrestling Federation) perfecting my craft, learning the ins and outs of this business! Then I arrived here. I took this place by storm after months upon months of careful studying of the roster, this place as a whole. I came in and immediately set this place on fire more than any other newcomer had in recent memory. I was the very definition of what an impact player is, Chris. I redefined what a the term "wrestler" meant by going out and sticking it to every last mother|BLEEP|er that thought they were the cornerstone, that they were the future!

Rex pauses a brief moment, staring daggers into the eyes of Sanders who remains calm, intently listening.

Rex: I came into this place with nothing, just like anyone else. Over time I began to build my empire, Chris. In three months I won the Television Championship, went undefeated as champion. Vacated that belt, then I won the old World Wrestling Championship by defeating our current General Manager, James Ranger, in Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden! You were all there, everyone saw it. For months I held on to that title, I defended it with dignity, and honor, giving that belt greater prestige along the way. For near seven months I reigned at the apex of this company, I was the standard! I was a rookie that was setting the greatest example by which every other wrestler had to try and live up to just to have a chance of keeping up with me.

Rex pauses, has short low chuckle to himself.

Rex: But, that's what success does. That's the downside of it. The envy. You make enemies real fast when you find success, because they all start to envy what they can't have. But all that happens to be is a simple marketing tool. Lust is a way of life, especially in this business. Envy is just a nudge towards another sale. Every relationship, even those are a part of the consumption of each person's being and overall morality, with each us looking for what we can get out of the other. But that's why it's a dog-eat-dog world. Nobody truly wishes to be looked at as anything less than first place! So after all that success, after all the hate, and the envy, and the plotting, backstage politics, all of it. Rexcellence was then finally dethroned from the top, and it was then that all the envious ones got what they wanted. Through eight years...not several months, but through eight years, that's what's changed things, changed me.

Rex had sat forward as he was talking so that Chris knew how serious he was with everything he was saying, but slowly sits back again relaxing. Chris continues with the interview.

Chris: The fans, and I'm sure your peers alike, perhaps friends even. They've noticed this change that's come out from within you, especially the fans whose animosity toward you has been made known on a weekly basis. For much of your tenure that never seemed to be the case. Why do you believe that seems to be case now? 

Rex takes a moment, a amused grin comes over him as he ponders, but then his expression becomes serious again.

Rex: I've never had them.

Chris: You mean, you've never felt as if you owed them anything?

Rex: I've never had them. I've never asked for anything from them. I've never won, I've never lost for them. It's always been about me, Chris! Everything I do, everything I say. You, and everyone else take it upon yourselves to decide what you like and what you don't like, you're fickle that way. You're all little leaches, you suck the life out them, all of your little crowd pleasers. You make them weak, just like they made me weak! Had I realized then, as a rookie, what I do now? I would still be on the very top of this federation. But that...that's about to change come Aftershock. Little by little their precious little heroes and promise makers are going to fall, their promises will go unfulfilled. Their animosity is only making me that much more determined to destroy them all, and take away everything they desire to be known for in this company. I get stronger as they get weaker, and I proved that when I destroyed Tommy Lipton unmercifully in three straight to win the best of five series, and Aftershock will be no different.

Chris: How much does this match coming up mean to you? It's a triple threat match for the Undisputed Title, which means there's a chance this may take place under triple threat rules, which then in fact it becomes a match with no rules. How does that change your approach if that just so happens to be the case?

Rex: First off, this match, what it means to me? It means everything. It makes everything I've been doing mean something. It puts everyone else on notice once again that The Rex Master is back where he belongs, the man who has long been setting the standard finally gets officially recognized again as such. Rexcellence then reigns again, the ultimate example setter continues to do so, and there is not a thing that Tommy Lipton nor Xavier Pendragon will be able to do that is going to be enough. For almost three years this company has reaped the benefits of having absolute greatness personified keeping this company alive, given this company some of it's greatest most memorable matches of this era. In turn there has been nobody that has even come close to reaping the rewards during that span at the same heights as the Heir of Rexcellence, and that will continue regardless no matter what you all say, no matter what you all do. It makes little to no difference what type of match it is in the end, because it's only the end that everyone will remember most. At Aftershock, you all will be left truly stunned, I guarantee it. 

Rex looks away from Chris now and into the main camera. He glares holes into the camera.

Rex: Now that...was....rexcellent.

Rex looks back to Chris again.

Rex: We're done here.


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