Experience the darkness...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Mon, Jan08, 2018 11:05pm America/Phoenix
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Experience the darkness...
(Scene opens up with Mellon walking down Atlantic Avenue, on a brisk 21-degree day. The question at hand for Mellon is what exactly is pure Darkness and how does it affect the human psyche when exposed to it for too long. The question is being raised due to the face that the reigning International Champion has a match with the man known as Darkness this coming weekend on Ravage. The reality of the situation is that Mellon, despite hours of watching the tape and studying the skill set of his upcoming opponent is more or less intrigued by the idea of complete darkness and how, in fact, a beast would respond to this kind of subtle torture.)

Mellon: There was an experiment done on a subject. The idea was to trap the person in 48 hours of darkness. No human contact. No light. They would be fed but the idea was they would have to endure the complete darkness for two whole days. Comedian Adam Bloom was up for the challenge. Now he would be observed in complete darkness with night vision cameras. The goal of the study was to see what effect this had on the human brain. Remember, humans, are very social creatures who utilize senses to experience the world around them. Before even performing the study it was said that this could be considered one of the worst forms of torture if executed on a human for that reason. Mr Bloom was a volunteer and felt that two days in complete darkness wouldn't get to him at all. It would be a piece of cake. Or would it? 

(Mellon walks into the convenience store at the corner, purchases a 20oz Diet Coke and leaves the store)

Mellon: Within the first half hour everything seemed fine. He cracked jokes and was singing and frankly seemed quite jovial. There didn't seem to be an issue at all. After about a half hour of pure darkness, he decided to go to sleep. You see this is where the problem started. Without any way to tell time or gauge how much time had passed he was lost. Going to sleep is one thing. Not knowing for how long or short you had been sleeping is rather disorienting. When he awoke, there was no sunlight, no alarm, no clock, no feeling of security. You see, he had taken advantage, like we all do, of the comforts of everyday life. Now he was stripped of them. The luxuries gone. He was still being fed at appropriate times but even that didn't calm his nerves and uncertainty. He tried singing again however after just a few moments of singing he broke down into tears. He couldn't handle the darkness. It was eating away at him and it had only been just under a day. 

(Mellon sits at a bus stop bench looking out over Flatbush Ave and Atlantic Ave, right where the Barclays Center is)

Mellon: It was at hour 30 when the real issues began. Mr Bloom began pacing. It is something animals and humans both will do when they are kept in confinement. Supposedly it is a way of providing input into your life. Hour 40 came and went and suddenly things took a sinister turn. He began to hallucinate and claimed that he saw 500 oyster shells in his room. He could see them clear as day when suddenly it felt like the room was taking off underneath him. He realized he was on the brink of insanity. Finally, the 48 hours were completed and he was removed from the cell for psychological analysis. Upon leaving the once bleak bunker that he remembered seeing from the outside as he approached it, now suddenly seemed vibrant with colors. The grass around the bunker was greener than anything he had ever seen. The world around him was brighter and filled with more life and vibrancy than he remembered. He survived the darkness and it helped him to embrace the other side with a better understanding than before. 

(Mellon gets up off the bench and begins to walk back home)

Mellon: Stepping in the room will be accepting the idea of total darkness. Learning to cope with the darkness and how to survive the darkness. I don't anticipate it being remotely easy but I do know one thing better now than I did before this story. When I get to the other side and I have officially beaten the Darkness, I know what will be waiting for me and that is without a doubt far better than what I experienced going into the Darkness. That's one step closer to being the Crusade Cup winner. That's my greener grass. That's my life and vibrancy. So when it's all said and done, I plan on turning that light on. The Beast will battle. The Beast will win. And it won't matter how dark the darkness is. The REAL DEAL HEEL is the best and when you mess with the best, you die like the rest. 

(Mellon walks up the steps of his brownstone as the screen fades to black)

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