Explaining my reasons

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Wed, Sep20, 2017 1:35pm America/Phoenix
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Explaining my reasons
The camera opens inside the ruins of a warehouse. The ceiling is falling apart, the windows are broken, and broken shelves are scattered all across the floor. In the center of the screen, a man wearing a suit sits alone, looking down on the floor. The cameraman approaches, his steps echoing across the empty room, but the man doesn't react. Finally, he looks at the camera. It's Jake Devine. He has a maniacal grin on his face.

Jake: At Fury, I prevented Krimzon Blaze from pinning Syndicate, my old nemesis. All of the Universe are asking themselves my reasons for interferring in that match. Blaze himself looks set on punishing me for it. And now, it's time to come clean. Why did I help Syndicate?

Jake starts laughing, placing his left hand to his forehead. He then looks back to the camera with a maniacal grin.

Jake: I did it for no reason in particular. Only because I wanted. Syndicate is not allowed to lose to anyone but to me. And until I have my hands at his throat again, I will let no one take that championship off his waist. And when I say it, I mean it. I will be the next WWX Undisputed World champion. And that brings us to World Series.

Jake stands up and kicks the chair with the back of his leg. It shatters against the fallen pillar.

Jake: World Series. It's what started my current crusade. Funny, isn't it? And now, here we are again. There's a major difference here, however. I will be walking out of Ring 5 as the winner. And I will be going to Hall of Pain to challenge Syndicate. Let's check the competition. Ring 1 will be exhausting for everyone involved, so they won't be a threat. Ring 2's winner will be some no-named fool. So, the most dangerous opponent will probably be Tommy Lipton. Yeah, Lipton will be the only challenge awaiting for me at the final ring. You may be wondering, "Jake, but what about your own ring?"

Jake laughs yet again, and starts walking, his steps echoing.

Jake: Simple. I have already won. First, there's Cameron Westerport. Who has no place here with me. He's just some guy who picked up a few wins and now thinks he's a big-shot. He does not deserve to be in the World division, let alone stand on the same ring as me. I will show this clown his place, and send him back all the way to the Television rankings. You have my word. Next, an old friend of mine.

Jake: Willie Steen. I don't have to say a thing here. I've beaten Steen many, many times before, and it won't be any different here. I know every single one of Steen's moves. And he's probably the only man in the locker room that I dislike as much as I dislike Syndicate. The fact that I will have to face him, once more, for World Series disgusts me. Steen has not been relevant in a long time, and it won't be any different this time around. I'll make quick work of you to save my energy for the final ring. And last, and certainly least, the one wrestler whose one chance at a title shot I ruined.

Jake stops walking, and turns to face the camera.

Jake: Krimzon Blaze. Now, you may be wondering. Isn't Blaze dangerous? He did manage to pin Syndicate after all. To which I reply: Not. At. All. I'm all over his head right now. He's dead set on taking me down. And that's where I win. He will not be able to focus 100% on the match, making my job a lot easier. Now, of course, let's say he was completely calm and focused for this match. He'd still be no match for me. I've made a name recently by taking down people just like Blaze. Old wrestlers who become desperate for money, so thwy sign a new contract to try and get into the spotlight for one more time. And you will NOT steal the spotlight from me. I WILL BE SURE TO TAKE YOU DOWN FIRST. That will make the rest of the match a lot easier for me. And once I do, please just go home. There is no place here for you.

Jake takes his cellphone ans makes a call. Heturns his back to the camera and walks away, leaving the warehouse. The camera fades to black.

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