Explanations are in Order

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Sun, Jan01, 2017 11:03pm America/Phoenix
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Explanations are in Order
[We are immediately treated to a title card, informing us that the video to follow is immediately following the events of Wreckage, held on December 21st in Salt Lake City, Utah. The frame fades out before cutting to a grainy shot, showing the inside of a parking garage, clearly from a surveillance camera. We see Damian Price, throwing a leather jacket around his shoulders, clearly angry as he stalks through the garage. He walks over to a motorcycle, the make indistinguishable due to the grainy nature of the footage. The by now former Xtreme Champion slings his leg over the bike, kicking the kick stand up aggressively before slamming his foot down on the kick starter. The bike rumbles to life, though inaudible, as the footage is silent. We see Price throw on a full face helmet and ride through several different frames, evident as the camera's angle changes multiple times. He is making his way to the exit, and we see him edge out of the exit before a large black truck barrels across the entrance, clipping the front end of Damian's bike. The bike is sent spinning as the truck was traveling very fast, and continues to speed off the scene as Price is thrown violently from the bike. We cut out of the footage to another blank screen, this time with white lettering informing us that Price was taken to the nearest hospital and was listed in critical condition. Price, once stabilized, was transferred to UCLA Medical Center in Southern California. This all happened almost 2 weeks ago, and we pick up a live feed as Damian's tag team partner, Xavier Pendragon, and his wife, Beatrice, are walking into the Medical Center. They briskly walk up to the main help desk and an administrator comes over to help the couple.]

Admin: Hello, how can I help you today?

XP: Hi. We're here to visit my tag team partner, Damian Price. I was just wondering if you could tell us what room he's in? I know they were moving his room last I heard.

Admin: Of course, let me go ahead and pull that up for you.

[The admin goes to work on the computer in front of her, a look of confusion over her face as she types. She finishes typing and puts a smile on her face.]

Admin: Yes, it shows here that Mr. Price actually checked himself out earlier this morning. His doctor advised for him to remain in the hospital for a few more days, but after hearing about his match coming up, he checked himself out as soon as the medical hold he was under lifted.

[Xavier smiles, nodding along as the administrator speaks.]

XP: Of course he did.

[Xavier looks over to Beatrice, who is quietly chuckling to herself as her husband thanks the worker. The couple then leave as we slowly fade out. We cut back in on the Pendragons as they walk up to Price Family Gym in Los Angeles. There is a closed sign up in the window, but Xavier uses a key to let them in. Immediately the pair are greeted by a blast of warm air and music, specifically 'Survival' by Eminem. They walk in and we see a shot of Damian Price, wearing nothing but running shoes and basketball shorts. His abdomen, along with his left shoulder and arm, are heavily bandaged and sweat has tinged the bandages as a steady stream pours over the body of Price, who is using light weights, performing Reverse Flies to stretch out his injured shoulder. He does not even appear to notice that the door has been opened as the Pendragons walk in to the lobby area, both smiling as they see the Los Angeles native working out.]

DP: If you're gonna walk in unannounced, can you at least shut the door behind you? You're letting all the sound out!

[Damian can be heard loudly and clearly over the music as Xavier barks out a laugh. Beatrice quickly closes the door, locking it behind the two of them.]

DP: So are you here to talk smack or work out? Either one's fine!

XP: I think both are gonna happen.

[Price's eyes never leave his work, but the partners nevertheless share a smile as Pendragon walks down the steps and we slowly fade out to the now familiar crown logo of The Empire.]

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