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On Fri, Jun30, 2017 9:41pm America/Phoenix
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*Static ripples across the screen before giving way to a dark room with no visible identification markers.  The room contains next to no light, and nothing in the room is indentifiable as a result.  Suddenly, a voice rings out.*

???: I'm not a big fan of light.

*As the voice speaks, a lantern is lit in the room, revealing a man to be present in the room.  The oil lantern is slowly raised up to reveal the man's face, showing him to be Syndicate.  All that is visible is the golden locks and chisled face of the champion.*

Syndicate: Ironic, isn't it?  The number one contender to my title thrives in darkness, and I'm not doing anything to contrast that.  Nah, darkness shows who people really are.  It exposes men.  Just like how I'm going to expose some tools right here, right now.

*Syndicate sets the lantern on a table and sits down in a nearby wooden chair.  His white leather jacket is visible, as is the World title positioned on his left shoulder.*

Syndicate: Let's start with the newcomer, Cameron Westport.  Cam, I haven't heard from you in the last 24 hours.  Cat got your tongue?  Did you give up mentally?  Probably not.  You're a headstrong kid, I can respect that.  You know what I thought about when I was waiting for another one of your videos?

*He pasues dramatically.*

Syndicate: Hype.  I thought about your hype.  The stuff that you talk about, saying that you're unbeatable, unprecedented, and all that jazz.  I did some analyzing of your career this far, and what I found was...this hype?  It's all you are.  It's all you've ever been.  You pump your ego up to unimaginable heights, hoping that just having the entourage and the marketing will get you somewhere in this business.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw softly chucked as he shakes his head and leans towards the camera.*

Syndicate: I don't believe in hype.  I believe in pain.  Regardless of how "unprecedented" you are...I'm gonna punch you square in the face all the same.  I didn't become a multi-time World Champion because of hype.  I got that far because of action.  I decked fools that had issues with me.  I defeated legends who thought I was someone they could step on.  When I felt threatened. I ended careers.  And I am still fully capable of doing all of those things to you, Cameron.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: At Mayhem, in Louisville, we'll see who you really are.  Are you a competent wrestler, or is it all an illusion?  Is your hype real or fake news?  What will happen when you step in the ring with two of this industry's best?  I guess we'll have to see, but my money is on you staring up at the lights.

*Syndicate leans back in his softly-lit chair.*

Syndicate: But enough about Cam.  Let's talk about Krimzon.  Krim - can I call you Krim? - you said some good things in your video.  You made a fine speech.  But when you started talking about being the "best high flyer in the business" that you rubbed me the wrong way.  You see, Krim, I'm not doubting that opinion - far from it.  Hell, you got into the Hall of Fame by diving off of that turnbuckle.  But, as you alluded to, I really don't give a damn.

Syndicate: I don't care that you can do fancy flippy shit all over the arena.  I don't care that you're a Hall of Famer.  I don't even care that a bunch of the WWX Universe loves you.  What I do care about is that you are in my path.  As World Champion and the champion of the next generation of wrestlers, it's my job to make sure people get a chance to succeed like I did.  So yes, Krim, it does annoy me that you're getting close to my title.  I guess it's time to knock you back to the bottom of the hill.

*Syndicate leans forward again, this time with a more serious look on his face.*

Syndicate: Right now, I don't have any sort of obligation to defend my title against you.  It's gonna stay that way.  I am not only defending my title in many of my matches.  I'm also defending the WWX from pwrt-timers and freeloaders such as yourself.  Yeah, I do hate you and what you stand for.  Yeah, it does hurt that, after all the work I've done to give the new guys a chance, you're inching closer and closer to my title.  But I've always heard that to get rid of pain, you have to dish it out.  I don't think thats gonna be difficult for me to do at all.

Syndicate: I can't wait to stoop the lives out of you and Cam at Mayhem.  I am so excited to punch you right in the face with thousands of screaming fans chanting my name in unison.  Yeah, a title shot may be on the line for you two, and I have nothing to gain in this match...but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Your backs are pressed against the wall, gentlemen.  I hope your face gets used to the taste of the floor once I'm done with you.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate reaches over and snuffs out the lantern to his left, sending the broadcast feed into static.*


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