Face OFF

Roleplay Roleplay by XANDER ADAMS
On Tue, Aug07, 2018 8:54pm America/Phoenix
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Face OFF
[The scene opens to a City sidewalk.]



[A car drives super close to the sidewalk, the camera catches a quick glimpse of it as it passes. Then swings over to what looks to be a pair of purple sneakers, then begins to follow a black and purple jogging suit pant leg, that meets up with, a White and Pink Showtime Tank Top.]


[The Camera pans to a City Bus that passes by, It has a WWX Logo and the face  of Syndicate on it. As it zooms off the camera shifts back to the WWX World Champion Xander Adams on the trotting down the walkway. He has a Purple headband and is wearing Pink Arm Sweatbands and has a Brown paper bag in one hand and the WWX Title in the other. Behind the Champ is a large city park. Green bushes and trees line the sidewalk as far as the eye can see. There are children and adults doing park activities far in the background. Xander slowly moves up to one of the many park benches that can be seen here or there in the distance. This particular bench has the face of Syndicate painted on it with a WWX Logo and a WWX Show Date.]


[Xander looks the bench over and smiles, then looks at the nearby Fountain that is next to it. He takes a seat on the bench, covering Syndicates face with his upper body. Then looks out over past the Fountain, the camera follows along and there is a large Billboard in the Distance. It has the Face of WWX Superstar Syndicate on it.]

Xander: “Disrespectful am I Syndicate?”

[Xander places the WWX Title on the Bench and begins to open the brown paper bag.]

Xander: “Boy, you ain’t seen anything yet.”

[The Champ Chuckles as he reaches in the bag and grabs what looks to be bird seed from it. Then looks out towards the fountain again and tosses some of it onto the concrete.]


[A dozen or so pigeons immediately land and begin pecking at the feed.]

Xander: “I have Yet begun, to defile this prize you so desperately wish to obtain.”

[Xander then picks the WWX Title up and holds it out and pours Bird seed into it. Then places it down on the sidewalk in front of the bench he is sitting on. He slides it out with his foot and the pigeons swarm the makeshift Golden WWX Bird Feeder. They all begin to snap and peck with greed trying to gobble up all the seed for themselves.]

Xander: “Of all the Hypocritical, rinse and repeat, Im going to bore you with Trash, that spewed from your, Pocket sized, Man pleasing, Sausage Wallet of a Broken Record playing mouth. You managed to get one kernel of truth. Not that reality or Truth matters to a Hypocrite like you, But what can I say, a broken watch is right at least twice a day.”

[He laughs.]

Xander: “You're RIGHT, I really don’t care about this little token of Self Importance.”

[The Camera shifts focus to the Pigeon covered WWX Title that lays on the ground.]

Xander: “Not after a Seven Time Turd, like you Stained it with Mediocrity.”

[The camera shifts back to Xander.]

Xander: “Like your over-hyped Career, everything else is a lie.”

[Xander smirks.]

Xander: “You say you’re going to show me Hell at Fury, I say bring it Syndy, cause I'm already in hell. I’ve been in it since I’ve returned to the WWX at World Series. You don’t know Hell Bro, not till you spent Four Weeks, listening to The Lone Hypocrite Sydney Maxwell Irvine whine over and over daily. Making promises he can’t keep.”

[Xander looks like he wants to puke.]


[Xander Sneers.]

Xander: “It’s like a bad episode of Teletubbies on repeat. I’LL DO ANYTHING, I MEAN ANYTHING!. Sounds Familiar right.”

[Xander laughs again.]

Xander: “Yet, somehow, you have failed to do the one thing you NEED to do to become WWX World Champion, WIN World Series. Nope you couldn’t do that could you. You let this, Has been, who Never deserved a title shot, Half Empty tank, old man, you should have finished off three years ago, Sub-par WWX Legend win the WWX World Title.”

[Xander shrugs.]

Xander: “Then go on to tell him, He lives in the past, while montaging Syndicates greatest hits that you have had, on repeat since Twenty-Fifteen, While shouting at the Top of your lungs, that you’re the Face of the WWX. That it's 2018 and you're man, you're the at the TOP.”

[The Champ spits in disgust.]

Xander: “If that’s true, tell me again, how you’re going to show me HELL Son, Cause we are already in Hell, It’s So bad Rex McAllister probably paid those Four Thugs to beat the shit out of him, to end his suffering, cause there wasn’t a chance in hell you could do it. It's So bad the WWX almost closed it's door and has a corrupt ass-bag like Tommy Lipton in Charge. That's all on you bro, That's On the Lone Wandering Idiot, No 2018 is the Year Syndicate almost ruined the WWX, But Xander Adams showed up to save it.]”

[Xander shakes his head sadly.]

Xander: “Syndicate, you won’t be showing me Hell at Fury, We have already entered that. No You will be too busy breaking the promises you made to the fans again. You will be busy, trying to figure out how you disappointed them again and if this might be the loss that finally makes them open their eyes to how much of a Whining, lying little Weasel you are.. As Xander Adams beats Big Bad Syndicate, the BIG Red Under-Dog of the WWX again.”

[Xander laughs.]

Xander: “and Again, until you finally get it. Xander Adams never Underestimated you, He never took you lightly, he didn’t play around. He didn’t show up like his cockroach of a opponent and try to just Survive. No Xander Adams showed up to WIN.”

[Xander looks past the Water Fountain again and the Camera follows his eyes to the WWX Syndicate Billboard, But now a couple of Workers are almost finished painting over Syndicates face and working on a new Xander Billboard.]

Xander: “Xander showed up to take your Face Off this company.”

[The Champion looks down at the pecked at and Now pooped on World Title.]

Xander: “At Fury your Journey comes to an End, So that the SHOW, the World Title and the Entire WWX can go on to a better tomorrow with The Lone Moron out of the Picture!”

[Xander tosses out some more bird seed and the Pigeons begin to flap and fight. Leaving the Camera to fade to his amused looking Smile as the Workers finish Erasing Syndicate completely from the Billboard.]

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