Face the facts

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Jan03, 2018 12:02am America/Phoenix
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Face the facts
(Mellon is sitting at the airport waiting to board his flight from El Paso to Austin for this weekend's PPV Holiday Hell. After a clean victory over an old foe, Mellon has allowed his confidence to go through the roof. Looking into the future now, Holiday Hell brings on a triple threat match that will feature the likes of Tom Black and Krimzon Blaze. Tom Black found his way into the mix two months ago at Hall of Pain when he interfered in the International Title Match between Mellon and Jester securing the win for Mellon. His claim was to plant the seed for this coming PPV and win the title from Mellon. Krimzon took a different route to this match, by beating Tom Black in a one on one match to open it up to a triple threat contest. The odds are stacked further with the recent developments from the GM, James Ranger, who noted that Hex Girl is very much lurking in the dark. A camera is perched in front of Mellon who is looking out the airport window at the tarmac.) 

Mellon: Ranger gets up, spoils the ending of my victory over Penny to make a point about me terrorizing his staff and going against his words and defending my title over and over again. I'm on his roster. I do what I'm told. Well, Ranger, it all worked out, didn't it? I beat Penny cleanly, thus securing the triple threat match at Holiday Hell as a title match. I went to the ring and did what I said I was going to do. But no. You still had to come out and defend Tom and Krimzon and had to show the WWX universe that you still wield the power. Well, you can blow it out of your backside. I come in every week and do my job as well if not better than everyone else around here. I advise that you not get in my way. You just keep assigning me matches and I will keep squashing the talent coming my way. That's how this works. Any questions?

(Mellon takes a swig of his Diet Coke)

Mellon: What I found super interesting is how you brought up Hex Girl. Now Hex and I have met in the squared circle on two occasions. The first time was when she was the Television Champion. It was a non-title match and with the help of Jester, she was able to get the upper hand. The second time we met in the squared circle I was the International Champion and I put her in the hospital. Commendable effort on her part but she suffered an unfortunate fate. Now I have been very vocal about the fact that if or when she returns that I will gladly put the title on the line in a hardcore match. She wants that more than anyone else. If the WWX would sanction that bloodbath then you can count me in on it for the next PPV. I will warn you when the time comes, and she is back, she will rue the day she asked for that match. 

(Mellon stands up to begin the boarding process)

Mellon: Now to Tom and Krimzon regarding this weekend. Tom, you keep saying you're going to take this title from me but there has not been a single point in time when you have proven that that is even possible. You received outside help the last time we battled in a match that you were in fact, overmatched in. You walk around like you own the place yet you barely can find your way to the ring. You're a bum. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I damn bum. The sad part is that Krimzon may be worse than you. Look at that guy. Basically non-existent. Have you seen him around, Tom? I know I haven't. About all I know of this guy is that he was once a force to be reckoned with. Now he is more like a shell of his former self. The shame of it is that Ranger and those other dumbells are keeping him in the match. Frankly, I'll be surprised if we even see the guy show up this weekend. Lastly, the most exciting thing about this weekend is the ending of this hideously long, drawn out, and boring feud. I have never searched so hard for something interesting to say about two unbelievably boring individuals. Long story short, you will both see why I've been the International Champion these past two months and why I'll continue on as the International Champion from that point forward. I've got a flight to catch...

(Mellon boards the flight and the scene fades to black)

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