Facing The Music

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On Wed, Jul19, 2017 1:17pm America/Phoenix
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Facing The Music
[ The segment takes place at a night club, just as Fill enters. Some house music is set as high as possible and Fill doesn't look like he likes it. He signals the camera to follow him as he goes to the second floor where the DJ's room is. He enters and the DJ looks upset ]

DJ: Hey, you're not allowed to be in here, who let you in?

[ Fill shakes his head in disappointment as he replies calmly ]

Fill: Does it matter? I have a friend or two who work here and invited me, but he didn't tell me there would be such distasteful music.

DJ: What do you know about music?

[ Fill laughs out ironically ]

Fill: I might not be a scientist in the category of music, but I know enough that I don't like this kind of music, so help me out here.

[ Fill takes a backpack out and shuffles inside, taking out a disk pack. He checks the content and hands one of the disks to the DJ ]

Fill: Try this one.

DJ: What's on it?

Fill: Just play track number one and you'll see.

[ As he says that he hands some cash to the DJ ]

DJ: Well since you put it that way.

[ He inserts the disk and turns the track on. The people that were previously dancing are still standing around wondering why the music stopped. The silence is broken by the sound of Duality by Slipknot, as most of the people make disgusted faces and start leaving ]

DJ: I don't think they liked that.

[ Fill starts laughing ]

Fill: Who cares, I like it right?

[ As Fill is finished laughing he turns to the camera with a smile ]

Fill: Now that the atmosphere is fixed with the perfect sound, time to talk about Ravage. Yes, I said that right - Ravage. It's been a long time since I've wrestled elsewhere besides Mayhem, but I'm not one to bother with where I fight. The important thing is there will be a challenger waiting for me wherever I go. And wouldn't you know it, besides the show, something else will be different. For the first time in a while I'll be in a match that doesn't include Rayne or Blayde Archer. I'm facing a man named DJ Killer, who knows what DJ stands for, but the one thing I can link it to right now is music, which is why I came here. If he is one, I doubt he will playing some type of music at Ravage, if he is however - I'm picking the music. It won't be Slipknot, but it will be just as good, the perfect track for the occasion will be Pain by Soulfly, and there's a reason for that.

[ Fill moves closer to the glass and looks down at the fewer people left on the dancing floor ]

Fill: I don't know if DJ Killer will like that track, but from what you see here, it doesn't matter who likes my kind of music. Lately everyone has been pointing the finger at my failures and blaming them on the amount of time I spend with my fans. I still disagree, but if they think like that so much, well the only thing I can say is I do my part of showing some appreciation to the people who watch over WWX and pay good money for it, nothing bad about that right? Everyone wanted a more sadistic Fill, a more emotionless Fill, a more aggressive Fill - we're getting there. Last time I was in the ring at Mayhem, I showed that side and it hurt Blayde Archer so much, he started bleeding. Too bad no one could see how it happened because it made me feel so good. 

Fill: But tonight we're not gonna talk about Blayde Archer. We came here to have a little diversity after all, and come on. I doubt anyone would want to talk about him at this time, there's so much happening around here that... okay there isn't much else happening besides the Blade Club beating people up, but work with me please. So DJ Killer, there's hardly been much talk about you around. I noticed this isn't your first time in WWX, however there is no information about your past, no information if you've fought at all before in the WWX. So about this - at Ravage you give me and everyone else a reason to talk about you. Show me what you can do in the ring and we'll see if you have what it takes to stick around this time. And who knows, one day you might get a show at the International Championship like me. As nice as that sounds, it's not nice for you at this moment. I've been thrown from one side to the other with attacks these last couple of weeks that I don't know if I'm a nice guy or not and the fact that I get to face the International Champion Blayde Archer soon - it's making my blood boil and man does that feel irritating. So irritating that I want to fight more than ever, and since you're next Killer, you could become more popular, or you might wish you never came back.

[ While he sounded more serious, Fill breaks a smile again as he looks over at the people again ]

Fill: Anyway, time to enjoy the music and laugh at everyone who doesn't look good old fashioned metal.

[ As Fill starts laughing the segment fades to black ]

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