Fading With The Ravages Of Times

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Tue, Oct31, 2017 8:31pm America/Phoenix
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Fading With The Ravages Of Times
The scene pans to the backstage area of the Mercedes Benz Stadium in the hallway, where the bright lights shine, and crowd noise can be heard. As the camera travels down the hall we get to the locker room area of all the active competitors. Soon the camera comes to the locker room door labled "The Rex Master" Rex McAllister on it. The camera man knocks at the door, but there is no answer. Then another knock, but still no one comes to the door. The camera man is actually shown sighing with a feeling of defeat, but looks to the left and once more goes to knock and this time he pounds on it with force. It's at this time that Rex McAllister comes into the shot startling the young camera man.

"Uh, sorry, Mr. McAllis..."

"Please, please. You can call me Rex. They all do, except those that don't have a clear answer to the simple identification of legitimate facts as they are brought into the light, that says more about their desperations than anything else just to try and fix all their pathetic little narratives".

Rex presents the camera with a slight smirk. Rex is wearing a red longsleeved collar shirt with grey Khaki business pants and shiny military low quarters. He gestures for the young camera man to follow him down the hall, and with that he does.

Rex McAllister: It's always the same in the end, when it's their end. The desperate, they reach out and no one sees or hears them crying out during their last moments before the end. They begin losing their calm, and conscious thought is replaced by all their fears of another dream becoming undone at the seams completely. It all becomes undone by their own hands in the end, that's always their biggest folly.

Rex laughs sinisterly now as he nods gritting his teeth with much satisfaction at the thought.

Rex McAllister: A nuisance, am I? How cute. Believe me though, you and everyone else will see me as much more than that when this is all over, Syndicate. You wish you could dismiss everything, but you can't. So insecure you happen to be, possessing a superiority complex unlike any other, you feel the advantage is in the facts you choose to deny, deconstructing them to try and fit your little narrative.

Rex makes his way into the Skybox area of the Mercedes Benz Stadium, a hint of a smile on his face as he takes a seat randomly, but never viewing the action below. The lighting in the room is dim, a perfect setting for the occasion.

Rex McAllister: Youíre a damn fool. Why don't you try being honest with yourself for a change. Do you actually believe half of the things that you say? You have not been carrying this company, thatís just the illusion you fell prey to until it was your turn to step aside and move along as someone else took your place. You my friend are just another cog in the wheel. When real competition has been at the top or been a threat to everything you cherish most, you have crumbled easily during those moments, and those that posed as a threat took what they wanted, and everything you would say? Those words vanished like dust in mid air. Everything you did became all for naught. 

Rex chuckles to himself

Rex McAllister: Will you fight back? Of course you will, and does it guarantee anything in the end? No, it does not. If someone like Darkness can come and go as he pleases, take the world title just as DGS did last year, and Xander Adams the year before that, do really peg yourself as someone whose almighty, or just someone whose fortunate that those men donít come back to claim their revenge? The point, short stack, is that weíve all seen it a million times before, your weak attacks and defenses from such onslaught eventually makes you easy and ripe for the picking. Iím a nuisance to you because I know you very well. Iím that fly on the wall thatís always listening, watching, and waiting for you to spit something out of that yap of yours that has some substance in it, and sadly so far all Iíve received is the same generic drivel that weíve all become accustomed to hearing over and over, hence why everyone took a nice little snooze right through your run at the top.

A boisterous crowd can be heard from on the other side of the windows, and Rex pauses momentarily to turn slightly to acknowledge the noise, before he continues again.

Rex McAllister: The tag team division was for a time given more attention than any other Division, because myself and Tommy Lipton, we knew how to generate the kind of interest, garnering the attention and influence necessary that you showed that you never could at the top. That attention, that influence gave us a whole brand to exploit our talents and the tag team Division as a whole. All that being done while you built up your already massive ego by beating names that were never going to evolve into all-world caliber talents, dragging the prestige of the Undisputed World Heavyweight championship down into the dirt. Oh, yes. You shouted from the rooftops for anyone and everyone to come and make themselves known, and like fools lining up with little awareness of their surroundings would step up only for you to knock all them pins down with ease. Never once having to break a sweat, which lead to complacency followed shortly by your demise.

Rex pauses again, pondering his next words

Rex McAllister: We did nothing in the tag Division? Imagine that! This is quite the contradiction from things that you already said this week about myself and Tommy Lipton being a great tandem, legendary being another superlative you happened to use, no matter how inadvertent they happen to be. You see, regardless I tend to greatly disagree being that our time of outstanding performance and service to the Division allowed you to stand at the top, it has brought us here, short stack. We were allowed to leapfrog everyone right into the main event to challenge for the most important title in this company bar none. So do tell me Iíve accomplished nothing, continue to be ignorant, your grave is getting ever deeper, and you're about to be buried in it. See you soon.

Rex looks on to the left, a smirk on his face once more

Rex McAllister: There is nothing more painful to the human mind thatís greater than that of sudden change. The time for change, it usually occurs when things simply become replaceable because they are too tired, or broken, worn out, harmful, outdated, or irrelevant. Darkness, nobody likes change especially when they donít control the state of events that will unfold, and that is your greatest fear. When you lose that ability to evolve, your once great schemes that helped you so in the past, what happens when they suddenly and unexpectedly go awry? When your once grand plan becomes just as obsolete as yourself and no longer serves you as it did before?

Rex asks rhetorically, looking on almost as if awaiting for actual answer.

Rex McAllister: Itís too late, thatís what youíll come to the realization of as you take those final devastating blows and succumb to them for the final time. Change. Redesign. Time to consider going back to that ole drawing board to deconstruct what isnít working anymore and starting anew.

Rex rises to a standing vertical base to finally take a glance down to the ring. It's a match going on for a House Show. Rex looks down, and he likes what he sees. Two unknown competitors laid sprawled in the middle of the ring. One has a devastating Koji Clutch submission maneuver locked in. The one who has it locked in seems to be continuously and relentlessly torquing away, while the other is fighting the pain desperately. Rex grits his teeth with great satisfaction as he nods his head in approval at the lack of remorse being shown.

Rex McAllister: Perhaps Korath being all jacked up like two no-names down there wrestling for their next paycheck is enough to get the job done, who knows? All the rest of the four of us must not be, I don't know. You speak like your the expert here in world title matches. HAHAHAHA!!! I get it, you're more intense. You can barely contain yourself. Well, unfortunately for you, that's the only thing that you do control in all of this. You speak of petty claims, but it was you that was probably listening to too much Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers "I Won't Back Down" while you were getting all jacked up, sweat pouring down your face, and your own pecks getting in the way of each rep while you do! HAHAHAHA!!! You're dull and unoriginal. The reality of it is, Korath, is that everyone in this match is dangerous, with a killer instinct. Everyone will be in survival mode, everyone will be ready. Everyone will come in with a game plan, but the moment it all goes up in smoke, it will come down to who fights the most desperate, whoever happens to pull more tricks out of the bag will walk away fulfilled. If you think brute force alone is going to lead you to the promise land, then you're about to find out why you have been and might very well always be considered a secondary talent, and why someone like me will always leave someone like you with an unhappy ending to lament over for a long long time, leaving you to watch it all fade away just like that.

The crowd gets loud again, and this time Rex glances down and chuckles some. The one unknown that had the Koji Clutch locked in was declared the winner of the match. An intense remorseless look appears on his face as he looks down at his fallen foe. Rex looks back at the camera, he has a devious look on his face.

Rex McAllister: All it takes is a fraction of a second to shatter everything youíve tried to build, your hopes and dreams ripped apart like tissue paper in a hurricane. All week, everyone of you that's spoken directly to me in my stead, you have shown me exactly why I rightfully should take my place back at the top of this establishment! You've shown me why come Hall of Pain, there will be no more than championship aspirations in your sights after this. I guarantee it. Now that...was...REXCELLENT!

Rex is shown with a hint of a smile again as the scene slowly begins to fade as the Hall of Pain logo envelops the screen.


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