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On Fri, Aug10, 2018 3:57pm America/Phoenix
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FAWX News.. Your TRUSTED source in REAL News inside the WWX

[The camera cuts to the CNNX news room where female lead anchor greets the viewers with a coy smile from behind the large curved desk.]

-Rachel Madoff-
"Greetings and salutations to our lovely and loyal viewers, I am Rachel Madoff and this is, The Rachel Madoff show."

[The screen splits in half with Rachael Madoff on the left side and on the right side, a silhouette of a figure in a shadowed chair.]

-Rachel Madoff-
"We have masked our next guest to conceal their identity and preserve their safety from the possible pending backlash from the companies management department at their own request. First off, thanks for joining us and coming forward with this story." 

[A voice changer disguises the voice of the mysterious figure.]

Anonymous: "Thank you for having me, it is a pleasure to be here."

-Rachel Madoff- "Likewise! So let's dive right on in and get to the bottom of this, shall we? There has been a whirlwind of controversy behind the scenes, what can you tell us about that?"

Anonymous: "We have built an Empire, so to speak, here at World Wrestling Xistence and as one of the original veterans, I am here to finally shed some light on the issues that have been covered up for far too long..."

-Rachel Madoff-
"So it IS true that you have witnessed many, several things that can only be described without going into graphic detail as immoral, biased, corrupt and highly illegal?"

Anonymous: "You should be called the hammer because you just nailed it on the head. Hazing. Gambling. Backstage politics. Pain killers. Booze. Weed. Steroids. Hormone injections. Uppers. Downers. You name it, and chances are that I have seen it in or around our professional wrestling locker rooms."

-Rachel Madoff-
"Is there anyone you can name in particular?"

Anonymous: "There's more than a few in that inner circle wrestling fraternity. But I'm no snitch! Let's just say that it is not uncommon for some individuals employed here to self medicate and abuse their body with certain substances in a drug free work environment. Do you honestly think that any of us can put our bodies through the excruciating pain, the rigorous hardcore torture that it takes to compete on a weekly basis? Sometimes twice! It's almost like a machine that got wires crossed, or maybe some type of a cyborg sent from the future came back into an alternate dimension  where performance enhancing drugs are legal."

-Rachel Madoff-
"Wow! This is just tip of the iceberg, folks! I would like to take this time to thank our guest for blowing the whistle on these conspiracies and cover ups. "It's commercial time so we can pay our bills but When we return, Syndicate kicked out of the Target transgender bathroom in Anaheim? Stay tuned!"


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