Feels Like School Again

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Tue, May16, 2017 1:38am America/Phoenix
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Feels Like School Again
[ The camera catches Fill, as he's scrolling through some pictures on his laptop. As he stares at his laptop he begins to speak ]

Fill: It's that time of the year again. I don't know how school ends around here, but when I remember those days in Bulgaria... damn I'm glad it ended. Everyone's on the verge of graduating, screaming nonsense and getting ready for their proms.

Fill: Pf, I never liked my class. When you think about it, WWX is a little bit like school. The general managers are the principals, the referees are the teachers that no one listens to. Now it's a little unnecessary to go through the whole children psychology thing, but there's always that one classmate.

[ Fill gets up from his chair as he starts walking around and talking at the same time as he explains ]

Fill: The cool kid. Usually there's more than one, but here in the WWX, there's that one cool kid who shows off his skills, his experience, or his trinkets to attract attention and sometimes even get in trouble for his misbehaviour. 

[ Fill stops and looks at the camera with a smile on his face as he speaks out in a high voice]

Fill: WILLIIIIIE, THAT'S YOU COOL KID. I've gotta hand it to you, you had your chance and you took it, you won the Television Championship from me, bravo. Now you walk around with it and hold onto it tight, because without it, you have nothing to be cool for. Guess I'm that classmate who doesn't need to be cool to keep going. I'm the silent type, who doesn't attract any attention to himself at all, but exactly for that, cool kids such as you turn their attention to me and use them as the ground they step on. If the silent kids like me weren't around, you wouldn't have anyone to show off to.

Fill: So... since I started talking about school, I needed a lot to get into a fight back then. It didn't work to just spit in my face, call me names, push me around. But you Willie, ever since our old days, out of all the Insurgence, you were one of the few members who used your "cool" and just wanted to pick a fight. Since Euan Milton isn't around to stand in front of you and shadow your "cool", now you are free to shine with it. You would've never been so cool if wasn't for Rayne, Korath and I, we practically made you what you are. You and your buddies picked on everyone in the WWX, and yet you couldn't win the big one until The Insurgence was gone. Now that we've reached this point, where none of the rest are with you, or me for that matter, everything has become for the Television Title. To be honest, I don't see the Television title as a stepping stone, but I don't see it on you either. So at Ravage, I'm taking it back.

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