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* The scene begins in the middle of a fiesta with a Mariachi band serving as the musical entertainment for the evening. *

- A pig shaped pinata wearing a mask and cape drops down on a rope from a tree and a blindfolded little girl swings wildly as the other children cheer while waiting for a turn. -

* Several Spanish dishes and Mexican foods such as soft chicken burritos, enchiladas, hard shell beef tacos, beans and brown rice are display at the buffet table anchored with an ice chest filled to the brim with frosty Corona bottles.*

- The camera shows a tight close up shot of the blindfolded little girl swinging a stick and cracking the pinata pig head and nearly decapitating it. candy pours out of the neck as the children rush in like piranha with a hungry sweet tooth. -

* The camera pulls back to reveal a shadowy figure overlooking it all from the rooftop above. *


Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of a war in Mexico that nobody thought or expected we would win. 

Much like Armada.

Can you recall the last time a relatively unknown rookie retired the Television Championship Title by beating the current International Champion and the now former TV and World Champion in Steen, while outlasting all of the other six competitors to remain the sole survivor in one of the most destructive matches in WWX History... 

The Extreme Elimination Chamber.

That is not just walking the walk..
It's running a marathon through a man made hell on Earth.

Super Bacon? We have our differences but we also share an unspoken bond. The luchador mask. It can represent heritage for some, legacy for others but above all else, it is tradition.

Steen. I am honored to have the opportunity to share the ring with you and be the last memory you have here in the WWX before selling out to Hollywood seeking even more fortune and fame.

Grayse. Sometimes you are the hammer..

This time, you became the nail. 

Hendrix. Better luck next time.

Jarvis Valentine. I pinned you clean and as stated by James Ranger, that makes me the number one contender to your title. Next time we meet in the ring? I will not just try to beat you. I will make you a former Champion. Just like Steen.

Twist? I have not forgotten about you, I am coming at you bro.
Just like the quotations on your singlet suggests. We had our debut match against each other but that match never happened because you got the jump on me. This time? 

There WILL be a definite and defiant winner. One of us will be thrown, slammed, suplexed, dropped or driven on our head and potentially broken in half with the table. 

Your pain threshold will be tested and your skills challenged. I am here to become the very best and you are the next major obstacle for me to conquer. An obstacle with a receipt coming your way.. be ready.

[The trumpets swell from the Mariachi Band and the kids eat pinata candy while watching their elders dance to the music.]

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