FIll Takes A Leave Of Absence

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On Sun, Nov26, 2017 1:28pm America/Phoenix
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FIll Takes A Leave Of Absence
[ The news report starts with a smiling Chris Sanders looking at the camera ]

CS: Hello WWX fans, surprising news from the WWX roster. Former World Champion and International Champion Fill announced a few hours ago during an autograph signing that he is taking a leave of absence from WWX.

[ A picture of Fill appears in the upper corner of the screen, as Sanders continues ]

CS: When we tried to ask Fill for the reasons behind this sudden decision, considering he should be competing in the tag team tournament for the vacant tag team titles, he only had this to say.

[ A highlight video of Fill signing autographs and taking pictures with fans appear on the screen as a recording of him starts to play ]

Fill: Not much that I can say about it. I live very far from the USA and considering that there are holidays on the horizon, I start missing my family and my home country. This...home sickness if you want to call it has an effect on my work in the ring and it will be both better for me and the company if I left for now. I don't know when I'll come back, I had a quick conversation with Mr.Ranger and he agreed that it would be better this way, as for what happens with the tag team tournament, I spoke to Rayne as well. He might be a little disappointed, but he understands how I feel more than anyone else in the WWX so he backed me up on the matter. I don't know if he will find a new partner or our team will be automatically eliminated, that's something that you have to ask James Ranger.

[ The footage turns back to Chris Sanders ]

CS: You heard it first, no news on when he will return to WWX and what will happen to his team in the tag team tournament. His absence will be unfortunate, but the show in WWX never stops, so stay tuned.


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