Final thoughts

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, Dec15, 2017 11:07am America/Phoenix
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Final thoughts
We came across Tommy Lipton who is sitting down his eyes glued to the screen of his fifth generation IPad, it's zoomed in on the Ravage Card showing the Tommy Lipton versus Rex McAllister match. He begins to speak.

"For weeks you and I have gone through a battle both physically and mentally.  We have battled with words and fists. In our first meeting we fought through the House of Horrors where you had to try and take the spot light, however you failed. 
In our second meeting you, you tried to take the spot light again looking to insult me by walking away from the match in hopes that the spotlight would follow you. Instead you failed and the spotlight was on the man who's arm was raised. Me. 
In our third meeting you looked to try and redeem yourself to tie the series up and get that spotlight back on you but you failed and I beat you down after you hardly were able to put up a fight and again the spotlight was on me. 
In our last meeting you finally took back that spotlight but it is only temporary..."

Tommy shifts his chair and faces the camera. 

"Rex, you talk about stealing the spotlight from me and yet most of the time you fail to take it and if you do take it you fail to keep it... to hold onto it... On Ravage this week the spot light will not be on you, it will be on me when I win our best of five series match.
I laugh as I watch you talk for you really think a lot about yourself, for a man trailing in this series you talk as though you are winning. But here's the hard truth, you aren't winning this Rex. I am coming... I am coming to make you submit, to make you tap out to me, the man you have been telling the whole world you can beat! You talk about these spotlights, dictating fates, and being the one in charge and yet you are about to be the one humiliated when I make you choke on your words, when I hand deliever the hard truths." 

Tommy stands up and slams his fists on the table. 

"You stand in a lone spotlight. Is that right Rex? A spotlight you have occupied for a while, one that no one can take from you... And yet that spotlight has been taken away from you and left you standing in the dark. Behind in this series, you failed to win Hall of Pain IN FACT the last time you were relevant was when you were a tag team champion along side ME! Look at my accomplishments, now look at yours."

Tommy walks in front of the desk and sits on it.

"YOU talk so confidently, you talk like you are the legend, that you are the man who's had such a prosperous career! When people hear you talk the only thing they say is this, check out that Rex guy, yeah he thinks he's Tommy Lipton!"

Tommy lowers and shakes his head. 

"This morning I listened to you your words suddenly changed, for a moment, you were slightly humble... Is that because you know the time for talk is drawing to an end and the time to step inside the ring and face your fate is almost here? You should listen to Constance as she is right, I have been kicking ass and taking names for years and much longer than you although you try to play me out to be some little harmless old lamb being walked off for the slaughter I am anything but...  You claimed I was greedy and that I am out to end you and your career... Listen, I am not out to end your career and I sure as heck am not fueled by greed. I am out to defeat you so that I can advance forward and close this chapter that was the McAllister-Lipton tandem... just as you are out to defeat me. Just as you will do what you must so will I. 
Rex, I am coming... I am coming full throttle and theres no slowing down... "

The scene slowly fades out. 

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