Final Thoughts (Hall of Pain)

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Thu, Nov02, 2017 12:28am America/Phoenix
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Final Thoughts (Hall of Pain)
SANDERS: Greetings one and all to the Hall of Pain kickoff show here at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium here in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm currently sitting here with Xavier Pendragon and from the looks of it, Xavier really don't wanna be here, at least this interview anyway, so let's get started. Xavier, what are your thoughts going into Hall of Pain?

XAVIER: My thoughts? Do you REALLY wanna know what my thoughts are going into Hall of Pain Chris?! In case you've been sleeping under a rock, and in your case you have, both Rayne and myself will be pulling double duty that night: first in a tag team match with Fill and Damian Price respectively and then again in the Race for the Case match. But of course Rayne would say that I would lose twice in one night but my question is do you know that for sure Rayne? Of course you don't, but that's what you want everyone, including me to believe when the reality of the matter is I don't. I never went with the hype, nor do I no longer care on what other people think about me.

SANDERS: what exactly are your thoughts going into Hall of Pain tonight then Xavier?

XAVIER: Seek and destroy. Search and annihilate. I don't care who or what it is. If it's in my way and I dont like it, it will be destroyed, Rayne: destroyed. Fill: destroyed, Super Bacon: destroyed and annihilated. Krimzon Blaze: destoryed and burned to the ground. Jake Divine: destroyed and fried to a crisp. Kurtis Ray? destroyed and toppled and ran over like a damn truck, or in his case, ran over like the train he claims himself to be. Chris, lemme ask YOU something? Did the upper brass put you up to this interview so you can try and decipher my thoughts going into this event? Stop Chris. Just stop. THe ONLY thought you will get from me is me seeking and destroying any and everything in my path. Screw the Rayne, Super Bacon, Blaze, Divine, all of that. None of that will matter once I ascend to the top of the patheon. I saw what Super Bacon said about me being the cockiest one going into the Race for the Case match, but I don't care what Super Bacon thinks, or anyone else for that matter. I have only one goal in the WWX, to ascend to the top of the Patreon of World Champion and further cemet my legacy and pedestal as wondering souls walk around.


XAVIER: Shut up, I'm not done talking yet. Once Hall of Pain starts, I will not stop unti l my hands are raised in total and complete victory. Come Hall of Pain, I will ascend to my right place as Champion and there's not help can do about it. Now if you'll excuse me...

Without another word, Xavier walks out of camera range, asking various off-screen personnel where the nearest is...

scene fades

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