Final Words

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, May24, 2017 7:53pm America/Phoenix
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Final Words
Tommy Liptons black BMW pulls over along Queens St Downtown Toronto. The car comes to a stop. Tommy Liptons friends get out and then the drivers door opens and Tommy with his WWX Tag Team title steps out and away from the car.

Tommy Lipton: I'll catch up with you guys in a moment. 

Tommy nods to the bouncer and the bouncer steps aside as Liptons budds head inside Nest Night Club. 

Tommy Lipton: Welcome back WWX universe! So I felt I best clear the air after hearing Syndicate speak recently. So before I discuss anything else let's get a fact straight... I never said Rex and I face off against the toughest of competition what I said is that we have competition and that you, Syndicate faces the same guy monthly. More attention is in the tag division and it really shouldnt come as a surprise as Rex and I are the Tag Champs and well, when you have a legend who has done all that I have, excitment will be there. As for Syndicates open challenge... Tanno refused, even screamed special treatment....
Has this World Champ not been paying any attention? Eventually the Crusaid Cup was instead offered for Rex and I to face each other... Well that did not sit well with myself OR Rex... So act like you offered an open challenge... But face it kid you've been babied and now with Stanton in charge I feel things are starting to change and it all starts with this week's Ravage match!

Cars zip by as Tommy takes the belt from his shoulder and eyes it. . .

Tommy Lipton:  This is the return of the McAllister - Lipton Tandem on Ravage and the match is the main event against the so called top two men in our industry... Truthfully as of late I personally think that the WWX Universe feels McAllister-Lipton are the two top names... but meh, give creds where it's due. Syndicate is in fact the WWX Champion. Even if its the daekest times in that division...

Tommy moves away from the crowd of people in line to get into the club and finds a quiet area around the corner and sits on a bench. He shifts his title for comfort and then refocuses his attention looking straight at the cameras. 

Tommy Lipton: For those paying attention over night some big things have started happening. You'll notice that not only am I main eventing WWX Ravage along with my team mate the Rexcellence himself BUT I also have been added to the International Championship division over on Mayhem. My opponent this week on Ravage is Lu'Andre Xavier who currently holds the International title belt and on this weeks edition of WWX Ravage I will meet him for the very first time in the ring since his trip to World Series. Lu better be ready because I plan to introduce him to the man who will rise once more to the top and take that title off him... Tommy Lipton... 5 time International Champion! Has a nice ring to it. 

Tommy rubs his beard... 

Tommy Lipton: Well... If he shows that is...
I'm actually pretty sure Syndicates letting out a sigh of relief knowing it is not him I plan to target... In fact I wouldn't get too relieved... Rex McAllister may be looking in that direction soon enough. 

Tommy chuckles

Tommy Lipton:  Syndi, i hope you are not counting too heavily on Lu'Andre... You see it is a simple fact... It isnt weither I am worthy to face you or LX... Well you read off my resume the other time, so we know most certainly I am. That is not the question you should be bringing up. The question is, are you worthy to face me... Dispite your W's over me the fact remains that I took a title and I ran with it creating large amounts of buzz and linking these tag golds up with prestige where as youuuu..... You are suppose to be the top guy but you have not generated as much buzz here in this Federation as I have. When I was champ I was the prime focus... Now look! I rather face Lu for the International Championship then a belt you have left stained... Ravage wants the Tag Team Champions to main event with you... You got nothing exciting going but Rex and I have created a huge moment in the WWX and it's been noticed clearly. In fact looking at the recent cards I have noticed the tag division seeing more action. It is because Rex and I brought meaning to these titles where you have offered nothing of value to the WWX World Championship. I got to say, I can not recall a time that the Tag Team Champions were the main event of Ravage... especially a time where they were set to face the International and World champs. The McAllister - Lipton Tandem is clearly doing something right. 

Tommy stands back up and slowly walks back towards the club. 

Tommy Lipton: Rex and I are a strong tag team, It is because as much as it wasn't expected Rex and I have the chemistry to work well as a team. You have failed numerous times in team work and this week I'll be shocked if Lu shows up to be by your side...  Syndicate, what makes you feel that you are going to suddenly over come such a strong team? The fact here guys, and I will address LX just in case he shows... you may have the individual titles but both Rex and I could yank them easily from you... You are the underdogs in this match and I will enjoy making a statement in the WWX that I am still the top dog in the yard. Now I have business with another so Syndicate... this is the last you will hear from me... For now.... But know this.... 



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