Fires of Musphell take you

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Mon, Apr23, 2018 2:22am America/Phoenix
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Fires of Musphell take you
*Scene opens at night on a beach in Vancouver, it is unusually foggy for the location. All seems quiet until a shadow appears in the fog, drawing closer as we watch, the bow of a dragon ship appears amidst the fog moments before it is beached upon the stones and sand. A lone figure leaps onto the beach and shoves the boat back into the open water before hoisting a pack over his shoulder and approaching. When the man gets closer he is revealed to be Korath, who motions for the crew to walk with him as he passes.

Korath: "The time is come, Armada is here and judgement day has arrived for Rex McAllister.  He has shown neither guilt nor remorse for his attack on Miss Kyla. Instead he brags that he could have hurt her well before I arrived, holding off his attack simply to bait someone into coming down."

Korath pauses for a moment as he walks, heading towards a path up from the beach.

Korath: "Rex, you are insane and you need to be put down. You believe your power is greater than mine simply because you can choose to assault someone but hold yourself back from finishing them? Anyone can do that, everyone has the ability to do that yet you claim it makes you better than everyone else. No Rex, it makes you just as normal as the rest of us, just as mortal.

"You even try to claim that you are superior than me, that I am beneath you. Rex, you mentioned several times how I haven't been here and no longer deserve to be here. On that note you might be correct, though the people who matter think otherwise. I will never be beneath you Rex, you who has a need to bully the weak just to prove that he is capable of....what showing mercy? Well congratulations Rex, you've gained power that I have not the stones to attain. You have become a tyrant."

Korath reaches the top of a small cliff as he finishes speaking. He turns and looks out over the ocean, his eyes seem to smolder with restrained rage as he looks out.

Korath: "True power Rex, is having the strength to destroy all who stand before you and having the intelligence and wisdom to know when to use it. Your actions that drew me to confrot you prove that you lack both. It is people like you that I most enjoy facing, because i get to show you just what your way looks like, and then i get to decide if you get to see what true power looks like. You unfortunately will not be conscious long enough to see it. 

"When it is time for the show Rex, I want you to enter the ring with no regrets, we will see if you are able to escape your judgement inside the very hell you yourself created. I am going to burn and beat you as i said, and i am going to leave the arena carrying the right to the belt that you cover."

Korath turns from the sea, the rage in his eyes threatening to burst forward as he looks on into the camera.

Korath: "I want to touch on something else you said in your rambling, so forgive me...or not, if I didn't understand you correctly.  You said you something about starving me and casting me down but letting me live. Tell you the truth I stopped listening. You ramble on and on, you refuse to apologize for what you did, and you are not worth my full might. I'm going to send your burning corpse to the hell of my choice and as to the starving me but I will say this."

Korath begins walking towards the city, but stops after just a few paces. Turning to once again face the camera

Korath: "Rex McAllister, may the fire of Musphell take you, for you are not worth eating. "

*After he finishes speaking, Korath just shakes his head and turns back to his destination, walking into a small copse of trees as the camera watches on, the scene soon fading into the Nordic Nightmare logo.

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