First Impressions?

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Tue, Sep26, 2017 2:16pm America/Phoenix
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First Impressions?
We cut to a shot of a backstage struggle for control of the television camera. We can hear the familiar voice of Leon Jones Backstage Interviewer and a camera man struggle to get the camera away from a unknown individual. The camera view bounces around for a bit as you can hear distorted sounds of the tug of war for the camera, After a moment you can hear Leon Jones give up and say "FINE HAVE IT" The camera shows a upside down shot of Leon and the camera man walking away and then slowly pans up to the face of newly signed superstar Fozzy Ozbourne. He has on his trademark white framed over sized sunglasses as he begins to conduct his own interview selfie style.

FOZZY- I've never been one for formal... Now here we go again WWX a new breeding ground of filth that I will defile for my own personal gain. I've been on this familiar road of being labeled "the new guy" or "rookie" before and I find it amusing. I assure you I'm no rookie to this business. NOW........ I could do the cliché thing and list all my accomplishments and championship reigns in alphabetically order but I find it boring. I could tell you a little about myself but why bother? You wouldn't like me anyway and you all will find out what I'm about in due time. 

The camera adjusts and we feel Fozzy walking with the camera as he takes a seat in what looks like a locker room. He sits down and adjusts the camera again on himself.

FOZZY- I rode a tide of vengeance that will never be denied, HAIL THE CRIMSON BLUR!!! VIOLENCE HAS ARRIVED!!! Haha great line from a awesome band in GWAR and it's kind of how I like to conduct business when I first get started in a new promotion. There's always that sketchy period of time where you have to feel everything out and my best way of dealing with that is getting in the ring and outshining whatever rinky dink superstar they put in front of me. I can almost bet I'm the smallest guy in this promotion but I've made a career out of beating the biggest and baddest superstars in the ring and that's what I intend on doing here. My skills aren't limited to a light or cruiser weight division. The smallest guy can beat the biggest man if he's smart about it. I feel rejuvenated with a sense of desire that's why I'm here in WWX. I've scoured the planet for the right promotion to make my return and the time is now.

FOZZY- A couple years ago I retired from the ring because I was burnt out. I had it with everything, the travel, the wear and tear, the endless sideshow circus lifestyle that is professional wrestling. I had it all and threw it all away with a snap of my fingers. These last few years I've been getting much needed R & R while watching the world of professional wrestling evolve. The time is now, the place is WWX and it's time to stroke my ego until it shoots glistening loads of hot gooey awesomeness all over the WWX audience. The real highlight is me announcing my return to the ring in WWX. The marks are creaming their pants everybody is gonna hit up the E Fed Wiki page and look up my storied history in the biz. So pay attention cause all that history from 2001 until now doesn't matter. Now is the starting point of the history that matters here in WWX. Witness the rise of The Trend Killer.

Fozzy laughs as he gets up and starts walking over to the camera man and Leon Jones. "Here" Fozzy tosses the camera to the camera guy as he catches it. Fozzy walks up to Leon and with a half cocky smirk says.

FOZZY- First impressions eh? HAHAHA.

The scene fades with Fozzy walking off camera.


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