First Meeting with 420

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 5:39pm America/Phoenix
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First Meeting with 420
"I'm no idiot. I know full well that 420 is all business when they're engaged in a match. That speaks volume within itself as they pushed the reigning tag champs to the limit. I will expect the same when Gary Tnordi steps in the ring with me"

Xavier Pendragon comes into camera view as the streets of Hartford come into full view. It is the normal hustle and bustle of this little known city.

XAVIER: So this is the city where it will host Mayhem. Neat. I see Mayhem taking this city places. Who knows? Ravage might even make a stop here, but I'm one to say who goes where and whatnot. I'm not a GM, unlike Mr. Terry tries to portray himself and thinks that he is. But enough about a wrestler who thinks he's GM hot s**t because supposedly now President Trump said so. The main focus for me is on me facing Gary Tinordi in a singles match n Mayhem. Now 420 has been in some pretty impressive, high-profile matches, like the one they had just recently at Outrage where they went against Happy Fun Time and Lipton and McAllister. Sure 420 didn't win the titles, but they still proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

Xavier takes a deep breath before continuing.

XAVIER: Gary, whether or not your partner will be ringside for our match Sunday on Mayhem is irrelavant. The point is that your Tinordi, are in the ring with me, "The Machine". I will show you no mercy once that bell rings. I will be in attack mode full force until that bell rings once more, signalling the end of the match. Since you and Glazebrook are fan favorites alongside myself, maybe after the match is over, we could possibly go to a pub and hang out afterwards, but that would be after the match.

Xavier turns one more corner and finds himself standing in front of the arena that will host Mayhem Sunday.

XAVIER: Can't believe that in 2 days, this arena is going to host Mayhem. Well, I've done enough talking. Time to get to work.

Xavier disappears admist the crowd.

scene fades

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