First Tag Team Match

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Tue, Nov07, 2017 10:58am America/Phoenix
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First Tag Team Match
???: To be honest babe, I have never been in a tag team match, that's your department babe.

The camera pans out as Beatrice is seen on the phone, seemingly with Xavier.

XAVIER: True, but you should've know with Ranger returning to the helm that there was a chance of this happening. Who does he have you teaming with?

BEATRICE: Super Bacon to take on Fozzy & Blaze.

XAVIER: That's an odd combo.

BEATRICE: Tell me about it.

XAVIER: Well, I gotta run. Ranger wants me to go to LA for a local WWX house show there. I'll catch up with you once I get into Albany for Ravage.

BEATRICE: Okay baby. I love you.

Beatrice hangs up her cell and places it on the table. She stands up, letting her blonde hair flow in the wind as she overlooks Courtland Street in downtown Atlanta.

BEATRICE: So this week on Ravage, I team up with Super Bacon to take on one of my former trainers Krimzon Blaze and the reigning TV Champion Fozzy Ozbourne. Let's start with the one I don't know, the reigning TV Champ, Fozzy. Fozzy, you call youself "the Trend Killer". May I ask for what reason? Is it so that you can sound tough or something? Do you call yourself that so you can sound relavent and important to people or something like that? You're not. You also said that you was going to run rampant and run through the entire roster. That sounds all fine and dandy Foz, but how ae you going to do that when you've been Sniped Out, hmm? If I didn't know any better, I think you having that TV title around your waist has cut off the circulation in your brain and got you thinking that you're invincible and can't be beaten. News flash Osbourne: you can and WILL be beaten and when push comes to shove, you will lose that championhip title you currently hold.

Beatrice closes her eyes for a few seconds before continuing.

BEATRICE: Then there's one of my former trainers, Hall of Famer Krimzon Blaze. Blaze, I have the upmost respect for you since you are one of the people who has helped train me to become the multi-champion I am today. On Ravage, you face both myself and Super Bacon. I can't speak for Super Bacon but as for me, I'm coming at you and Fozzy full force and full steam. Blaze, I am fully aware of what you can do in the ring. Rest assured that at Ravage, Super Bacon and I will go onto the finals and become the new tag team champions. See you soon.

scene fades

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