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On Wed, Oct25, 2017 1:10pm America/Phoenix
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[Emily Hashtag is sitting on a couch in a Starbucks with another girl. Both are tapping away on their phone.]

EMILY: Oh, mygod. Becky.

BECKY: Yassss?

EMILY: I gotta face, like, some gurl at Hall of Pain.

BECKY: *tch* Oh my gooood, isn't that some kind of, like, lame PPV?

EMILY: Like, yas! It is the, like, LAMEST pay-per-view. Like, ugh.

BECKY: *tch* So who're you facing, gurrrl?

EMILY: I dunno, like, some nobody. Like, they didn't even bother making a headshot for the roster.

BECKY: Oh, mygod. Gurl, you're gonna slaayyyy.

EMILY: Like, I KNOW, right? *tch* like, she doesn't even stand a chance.

[Emily takes a sip from her oversized mug.]

EMILY: Oh my God, coffee is like, my LIFE. Don't even @ me.

BECKY: Whatcha got, gurl?

EMILY: *tch* Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course!

BECKY: Slaayyyy Queen.

EMILY: Slaaayyyy.


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