Flame & Smoke

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Tue, Dec12, 2017 4:43pm America/Phoenix
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Flame & Smoke


It's another cold evening and we are pulling up to Liptons Estate located along lakeshore near the down town region of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. 
Exiting the car we are welcomed by a cool chill and surrounded by the white snow covering the ground. 

**Scene transitions**

The flame of the candle illuminates the room with dim light. Tommy sits at a desk littered with envelops. He leans back in his chair his finger tips tapping the desk top as he closes his eyes. His thoughts take him on a wild journey to what was and what is. One has to wonder if what Rex McAllister has been saying is true? Is Tommy a desperate man in search of finding that spotlight, grabbing it only if for a moment, like one last time riding high? Is he really a man who lives in a shell of what was once the greatest superstar in the WWX. So much aqusations, so many assumptions, but is Rex right?
Is that what he is wondering, or could it be he is more deep in thought thinking about how he had so much respect for a man who's undeserving of it. A man who has repeatedly stated that Tommy is desperate even though no signs of desperation have been shown. 
The constant disrespect against a man who helped pave the way so a man like Rex McAllister could flourish under a WWX spotlight... 

"Is that how Rex McAllister does it? He tries so hard to get under the skin and burns through the pours of the body to create doubt within his opponents mind in order to create enough conflict to take the upper hand."

 His eyes slowly open, the corner of his mouth curves to make a small smirk. 

"What desperation Rex do I show? what doubt would I have in facing a man who's done nothing new, nothing unexpected? Each of your words are regurgitated from words I have heard before from you and from others as well. What makes you think you are so special that you do not need to worry about me? I sit and I listen to your ramblings, to your endless insults, to a man who truly is the only one showing any desperation by attempting ever so hard to get me to doubt myself and my standings here in this world of ours."

Tommy looks at the flame and then he focuses in front of him looking at us, the viewers watching on eagerly to hear what he will say next, hanging off every word of his. 

"The flood gates you consistently mention will open indeed... but what pours out will not be looking at me oh no, what will be released are all the words you have spoken and they will find you, oh how they will Rex... They will find you, they will run you over with such a mighty gust that no matter where you look there will be no safe haven for you. Your words will run you down like a bulldozer slamming you to the floor and the last thing you will see is my face looking down at your limp body which is shattered and rittled with pain. For your words will find you and come back to torment you, and your egocentric attitude of your standing in our series will be your downfall."

Tommys grin fades and a serious look washes over.

"Admitting you underestimate me only gives me more power in this game we play and I know this game very well, I am the (bleeping) game. I am Mr. WWX but I didn't create this callsign, I was given it because never in a match with such huge importance, such glowing rewards would I look at my opponent and underestimate their ability, what they will bring to the table. It is why I have had such a prosperous career."

Tommy looks down at all the envelopes and then back forward at the stationary camera placed in the room with him.

"My fans have sent me letters of support. Letters always come along with tweets and Instagram posts. I truly cherish my fans, especially the ones who take the time out of their day to bring ink to paper. I cherish them for taking their time to write to me as I take my time to do these videos for them, to consistently entertain them week in week out. The fans are a key peice to keeping me motivated as we move forward in this series and as I move forward in my career. As much as you wish Rex, to humiliate me in front of them, would be simply impossible. I have called them my Lipton-O-Holics as well along a few other nicknames but the fact at the end of the day is they are my fans who support me and I do what I can to give them reason to cheer me. Nicknames being one of the ways to make them feel, no, to allow them to know that we are connected."

Tommy looks back at the flame burning from the candle stick. 

"Rex, understand you are simply a flame that needs to be suffocated and put out. Here's a letter I found particularly funny, let me read aloud."

Tommy lifts up the letter holding it close to the candle light. 

"There once was a guy named Rex, and he liked to always flex, but what he didn't understand which he found too complex was that Tommy Lipton was the best."

He smiles holding the fan letter in his hand. 

"Has a nice jingle to it. Sure this fan may not be the next top lyricist but he has my vote. Now Rex will probably create a whole 5 minute video discussing this letter, maybe not but I feel its important to acknowledge my fans." 

He puts the letter down and looks forward. 

"Rex, you indeed were so generously stupid by walking out of our first match and giving me the advantage in this series if thats really how you feel. I have already told you it is not over till it is over, and you walking away was your first show of underestimating me. Now you are one tap away from losing this whole thing. You think it is you who dictates our fate? On the battle ground the fate lays in the hands of the wrestling gods and the winner is the one who tends to want it more. Look into my eyes Rex."

Tommy stands up and picks up the candle. he walks around the desk and moves in closely eye to eye with the camera lens. He raises the candle so his eyes are seen clearly.

"Look into my eyes and ask yourself, are these the eyes of desperation and if so, at what lengths will I go to see this job through?"

He keeps staring. 

"Rex, look into my eyes and ask yourself, do they appear to be hungry, if so how hard will I push through each Rex Lock each aggressive move you make on me to see this job through?"

His stare is stone cold.

"Rex, look into my eyes and ask yourself, are these the eyes of a dead man walking, if so when one has nothing to lose isnt that man more of a threat? 
Do I come across as a man living in the past or a man looking toward the future?"

He steps back from the camera and turns to head back behind the desk. He places the candle down and takes a seat in the chair. 
He leans forward in the chair and stares at the flame from the candle. His hand moves around the glowing light then he runs his finger over the tip of the flame. 

"A flame can burn and kill, a flame can be the hero in a world of darkness, providing light and warmth on those cold evening nights. A flame represents life, but as powerful as a flame can be, it can be put out-"

Tommy snaps his fingers next to the flame and the wind created by the snap blows it out.

"just like that. when the flame burns out all that's left is a little smoke. Even the most powerful elements can be defeated so Rex, while you sit there underestimating me and talking about how desperate I have become, consider this flame and just how easy it was for me to turn out the lights."

Tommy grabs a lighter and sparks it re creating a flame to the wick and the room is lit once again. 

"On Ravage I am coming to turn out the lights on you my old pal, and when it is all said and done and the smoke from your dying flame is all that's left... you will realize I am the bringer of pain, and those who oppose will be disposed. I AM COMING"

Tommy moves his hand toward the burning flame, he smirks and snaps his finger again... darkness.. 



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