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Following Aftershocks main event.
Chris Sanders stands out side of Tommy Liptons locker room. 

Chris: We are anxiously awaiting the new Champion, Tommy Lipton, ladies and gentlemen what a night it has been and hopefully we can also get a few words from Mr. WWX in regards to the crusade tournaments winner, Jake Devine. 

The door opens and Blade Rickman walks out.

Chris: Is the Champ with you?

Blade looks behind him and then walks out from the room and closes the door. 

Blade: No.

Chris: Odd...

Blade: why's that?

Chris: Tommy Lipton is not eager to talk to his fans after this tremendous win? seems out of character for him. Plus I hadn't heard he left. I heard he was back here being checked on by the WWX medical staff and was in good enough shape to talk with me. According to James Ranger. 

Blade: Tommy Lipton has already left the arena. He is now this companies and all of yours, WWX Undisputed Champion. He doesn't have time for small chit chats about how he feels on this or that matter Chris! He instead should be preparing for not only his celebration on Ravage, but also on beating that punk bitch loser, Jake Devine! 
Tonight Tommy Lipton, he showed all those doubters that he still has it! That tool, that scrotum Xavier Pendragon thought he would walk out as still Champion, instead he can take a hike and don't you damn well bother to try to cash in a rematch clause, not well my guys the Champ! Forget that as it will only be wasted. As for that fart bag, Rex McAllister, he thought that he had Tommy Liptons number!?! What a piece of horseshit. Rex, you thought you had me figured out... Not even close and just as Tommy Lipton always wanted it, Aftershock was the arena he saw best grounds to rip away your dream at once again becoming Champion! After All, you weaseled your way into the title picture yourself after making a deal to Tommy that you would support him, that you would remain partners and continue running WWX together. You betrayed him and it's gotten you here, empty handed. You didn't even see me coming did You? You thought you were the future and that you could outsmart the mastermind himself... I knew as did Tommy that tonight wouldn't be about a straight up fight. Your weapon of choice would play a part, other factors would play a part. I was Tommys insurance and that paid off! So crawl back into the little hole in which Tommy found you a year or so ago in because you offer -

The door opens and Blade is cut off. 
Tommy Lipton walks out of the room now. 
Chris smiles and Tommy puts his hand on Rickmans shoulder. Blade backs up.
Tommy limps his way beside Chris Sanders.

Blade: You shouldn't be showing your wounds. 

Tommy: It's fine. 

Blade: well-

Tommy: It's not the first wounds I've received nor will they be the last. If they think I'm weak because of it Blade, then they are in for a rude awakening.
Now I heard you from behind the closed door... 

Tommy turns from Blade and looks at Chris, thrn to the camera.

Tommy: now despite what Blade Rickman tends to say in regards to my opponents, he and I do not always share the same outlook or beliefs. 
Rex, he has earned a ton of my respect over the last year and I know he will be back fighting for the Undisputed Championship sooner rather than later. But tonight It was anymans game, but in the end it was mine to take and I did that! Rex McAllister felt he was the new Mastermind, the new Mr.WWX, the New Future but I am the one standing here as your current WWX Undisputed Champion not Rex McAllister. I showed him and everyone else, Tommy Lipton is here and he is not going anywhere. It was I who was crowned the winner not Rex and definetly not Xavier Pendragon who's title run if you ask me was still too long.
Tommy Lipton walks out of the greatest comeback matches ever and after almost 5 years being away and a total of 6 long years since holding the World strap, I am once again your Undisputed Champion! 

Tommy turns to leave but pauses for a second. He then turns back to face the camera.

Tommy: On Ravage I will arrive to celebrate this huge victory. And Jake Devine, I hope you will take the time to tune in! 

Tommy smiles and heads back into the locker room Blade follows. 

Chris: I am Chris Sanders and we just heard from the NEW WWX Undisputed Champion! 


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