For Old Time's Sake

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Sun, Jul23, 2017 4:47pm America/Phoenix
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For Old Time's Sake
"It's been a while since you and I squared off in the ring against. Hell, anytime we face off in the ring, fans are always in for a treat. The Wiccan Wonder and the Graceful Assassin. 2 women who helped revitalize the Women's division back in its heyday. Here we are present day and you're now the first female TV Champion. It would've been me with that honor but history wasn't kind to me that night. But it's all good"

Beatrice comes into camera view wearing her "Graceful Assassin" workout gear.

BEATRICE: Hex Girl, I know you've been busy, considering you're the current TV Champion. I've been on a roll since I returned to in-rng competition not too long ago. So how about you and me go at it again for old time's sake? Whether you wanna put the title up for grabs and really give the fans a show is on you. I just wanna face you in a match. Better yet Hex, I CHALLENGE you to a match on Fury. Come on Hex Girl, you know you can't deny the fact I give you one hell of a fight every time we stepped in the ring to face each other. What do you say Hex Girl? Care to throwdown once more for old time's sake? I'm gonna be at Mayhem taking on Kailee. Come on Hex, you know you want to.

The camera pans out as the scene fades.

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