Forever Champion

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Mon, Apr23, 2018 11:38pm America/Phoenix
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Forever Champion
(Scene opens inside the Duncan McIver Arena during a midweek taping of WWX Xcess. The show has just come back from commercial as the crowd anticipates the next match. Suddenly, ďCrawling in the DarkĒ by Hoobastank blasts over the loud speakers. The loud smattering of boos and cheers erupts from the crowd as Willie Steen steps out onto the stage.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWX Television Champion, Willie Steen.

(Steen surveys the crowd for a second, then raises the Television Championship in the air. After a moment of posturing, Steen sets the title on his shoulder and saunters to the ring. Ignoring the crowd, Steen climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone. His music stops and the crowd continues to jeer. Steen waits for a moment and then raises the microphone up.)

Steen: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but if you donít mind, I have a few things I came out here to do. And no, one of those things is not to tell you all how much I love and appreciate you.

(Crowd boos. Steen continues undeterred.)

Steen: First and foremost, I came out here to promote the latest episode of CSI: Dallas, premiering Sunday, May 6th, in which yours truly will be making his professional acting debut.

(Crowd boos)

Steen: Be sure to tune in to see your favorite WWX superstar, tame the mean streets of the Midwest on the big screen. Thatís Sunday, May 6th, at 8/7 central. Only on CBS.

(Crowd continues to jeer. Steen removes his sunglasses and clips them on his shirt.)

Steen: The other business I need to address pertains to this.

(Steen raises the Television Championship in the air.)

Steen: This Saturday at Armada, will be one of (if not the) most important days in the history of the WWX. On this day, the WWX Television Championship will be officially and permanently, retired. Thus, ending the storied legacy of one of the most legendary and prestigious titles in the history of this company. At Armada, there will an Elimination Chamber match that will ultimately decide who will go down in history as the final holder of this iconic belt.

(Steen looks down at the belt)

Steen: Who, indeed.

(Steen shakes his head)

Steen: In the entire history of this company, no one has brought more honor and prestige to this championship than the man you see holding it right now. I am a five-time Television Champion. More title reigns than any superstar in WWX history. If anyone deserves to have their name etched permanently into this title itís me. The fact that any of the six jabronis in this match have been afforded the opportunity to take that away from me is a travesty of justice.

(Crowd jeers. Steen shakes his head.)

Steen: I mean, look at this sad sack list of bottom-feeders. You got that greasy, Hellís Kitchen reject, Super Bacon. A man who Iíve already beaten for this title and has done nothing to earn another shot and yet here he is. Can you imagine Captain Zit-Face as champion? I donít want to. Then thereís this guy Twist. Some new guy, who in just one or two matches, apparently did enough to earn a spot in this title match. Yeah, right. You know how long I had to cut my teeth before I got a shot at gold? But, hey why not? And then, who can forget Scott Grayse? Actually, pretty much everyone in the WWX had forgotten that loser. And, they will, all over again, when he gets unceremoniously eliminated and fades back into obscurity. 

(Steen wipes the corners of his mouth)

Steen: Who else? Thereís that other guy. Something Hendrik, or Henderson. I donít know. Clearly, heís not important enough to remember or discuss. Just another insignificant insect buzzing around my belt. Speaking of insects that brings me to our friend, Dragonfly. Get a load of this guy? I didnít think it was possible, but from what Iíve heard out of him the last few weeks, I think Iíve finally found someone who spends more time talking out of his ass than Syndicate. In all my life, I donít think Iíve heard someone do so much talking while saying absolutely nothing. Iíll be honest, if this guy can wrestle half as well as he blabbermouths, he might be a formidable foe. Still doesnít make him worthy to carry this mantle.

(Steen pauses)

Steen: And last but not particularly least, the International Champion, himself, Jarvis Valentine. Honestly, of all the turd stains in this match, heís debatably the most deserving of an opportunity, but thatís not saying much. Iíve already beaten him. Why do I need to prove myself against him, again? If anything, I should be challenging for his belt. But no. Iím the one who must put it all on the line. But there you are, ladies and gentlemen. Your challengers. The sorriest bunch of rejects Iíve ever seen collected into one ring. 

(Steen looks at his belt and shakes his head angrily)

Steen: This belt symbolizes the heart and soul of the WWX. The names attached to this belt are of legend. Krimzon Blaze. Ethan Taylor. Xavier Pendragon. The Lost Soul. And one name has transcended them all. One name has been etched onto this belt more than any of them. And only one name deserves to branded to this belt for all eternity. 

(Holds the belt in the air)

Steen: Willie Steen

(Crowd boos with a smattering of cheers)

Steen: I guarantee you this. As long I am breathing, I will not allow the reputation of the Television Championship to sullied and tarnished. I will conquer the elimination chamber and all of its challengers. And then in front of God, the World and Canada, I will walk out of Armada hands raise and the reigning, defending and FOREVER, Television Champion.

(ďCrawling in the DarkĒ hits as Steen drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckle. He raises the belt in the air and defiantly shout to the crowd that he is the ďForever ChampionĒ. Scene fades to black.)

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