Forgive me, Father

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Thu, Jun08, 2017 10:39pm America/Phoenix
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Forgive me, Father
(Scene opens inside a large cathedral. Camera slowly pans across the church before stopping and zooming in on a confessional box. Camera cuts inside the box as a priest, dressed in white robes, sits down inside the box. He looks up as the window of the adjacent stall slides open.)

Priest: Hello, my child.

???: Hey Padre, its me Willie.

(An stifled groan can be heard from the priestís stall.)

Steen: Father?

(Priest breathes a resigned sigh)

Priest: Yes, hello William. What is it that you confess?

Steen: Father forgive me. For my sin is great.

Priest: What is this sin.

Steen: Father, as you are well aware, I am the WWX Television Champion.

Priest: Yes William, I am aware.

Steen: And with that title has come mounds of pressure and expectation. I'm the TV champ. I am the face of the WWX. As a hero and icon to millions of fans all over the world, I have a responsibility to uphold the glory and tradition of professional wrestling. In many ways, you might call me the savior of the WWX. 

Priest: The savior?

Steen: Much like the J-man himself, I too must carry the cross for my respective world. All while being cursed and persecuted by the people who I am here to save.

Priest: Iím gonna save you the trouble and just add blasphemy to whatever else youíre confessing. Continue.

Steen: Now, in order to defend my title, Iíve had to fight. Iíve had to hurt a lot of people. But because I know my fight is righteous and vindicated, Iíve been able to rest without guilt or condemnation. That is, until now. I just learned that the next challenger for my title is a contemptible shrew named Hex Girl. Now, in order to keep my title and continue my crusade, I must do something that I feel in my heart is not right. I have to fight a woman.

Priest: I see.

Steen: Look, you know me Father. You know that I would never hurt a woman.

Priest: As a man committed to honesty, I cannot validate that statement.

Steen: In fact, Iíve always believed that God put me on this earth for the sake of womankind.

Priest: No God of mine, I pray.

Steen: Even the ugly ones.

Priest: My son, you may honestly need a confessional for your confessionals

Steen: So as you can see, this match goes against everything I have stood for in my career and in my life. It was bad enough the first time I beat her, but forcing me to do it again? I mean . . .

Priest: Wait, Iím sorry. The first time? You mean youíve already fought her before?

Steen: Yeah, a month or so ago. Before I won the belt, I had to beat her for the right to challenge for the title. And I did. Much to my displeasure.

Priest: Well then, why are you just now confessing?

(There is a short pause as Steen draws a deep breath)

Steen: Thatís just it, Father. I ask you not to forgive me for what I have done. I ask forgiveness for what I am going to do. Being a champion means more to me than anything else in the world right now. And I will do whatever it takes to make sure this belt stays around my waist. Which is why at Outrage, I will fight Hex Girl with all the strength and intensity that I possess. I will show no mercy, I will show no restraint and I will show no remorse. Nothing, no man, no woman, no child nor animal will stand in the way of me reaching my ultimate goal.

Priest: And that is . . .?

Steen: To be the longest reigning Television Champion in WWX history.

Priest: I see. Well then, I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Steen: Thank you Father.

Priest: Peace be with you, William.

Steen: And also with you.

(There is a brief pause and then Steen starts to chuckle)

Steen: Hey Father, I just remembered this really great joke. Stop me if youíve heard it. Ok, so, two priests, a rabbi and a moose walk into a strip club . . .

(Steen is cut off by the sound of the confessional door opening and slamming shut.)

Steen: Father? . . . Padre? . . . Hello? . . . Anybody?

(Scene fades to black)

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