Fortunate Misunderstandings

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
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Fortunate Misunderstandings
     Our scene opens inside Borgne Restaurant, a romantic and highly recommended establishment located close to the Superdome in New Orleans.  We can see Jester seated alone at one of the tables.  He appears far more refined than we are used to seeing him.  He is wearing an expensive dark grey suit and tie with a white dress shirt and black polished shoes.  His neck long, dark brown hair is slicked back and styled neatly and his freshly shaven face gives an air of importance to the evening.

     As Jester nervously fidgets with his tie, the hostess escorts Jester’s dinner companion for the evening over to his table, who turns out to be WWX reporter Paige Taylor.  Jester stands and is temporarily mesmerized by the beautiful low cut blue dress Paige is wearing and the way her curly auburn hair bounces with each step she takes.  It is a moment before he notices the WWX cameraman following behind her.  Paige immediately notices the look of confusion on Jester's face as she reaches the table.

Paige - “Is something wrong?”  Paige asks as Jester slides her seat forward for her.

Jester - “It’s just that when I invited you to dinner I didn’t really mean for it to be for an interview.”

As Paige begins to realize her mistake her face turns slightly red and her voice turns to an apologetic tone.

Paige - “Oh, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t know when you asked me out that you meant for a date.”

Jester, sensing Paige's embarrassment, smiles slightly in an attempt to lift the tension.

Jester - “No, it’s not your fault.  I should have made my intentions more clear.  Sense we are both already here at this beautiful restaurant why don’t we just do the interview while having a nice meal?”

Paige - “Just for the record, if I had known you were asking me on a date I would have said yes.  As a matter of fact, I think I have a better idea.”

Jester - “And what might that be?”

Paige - “We send the cameraman away for awhile, enjoy a nice meal together, and then we can do the interview while we take a nice walk around the city.  Would that be okay with you?”

Jester takes Paige's hand and stares into her eyes as the flame from the candle dances around in them.

Jester - “Actually, that sounds perfect.”

Fade out.........

.......Fade in.

     The picture returns to Jester and Paige walking down a mostly deserted street.  The nearly full moon, combined with the dimly lit streetlights, create a romantic atmosphere and the two appear to be very at ease with each other.  Jester is the first to notice the cameraman as he moves in close enough for the microphone to pick up their conversation.

Jester - “It appears that it’s time for the interview portion of the date to begin.”

Paige - “Well, since this is the the first date/interview I’ve ever been on, how about we do things a little differently?”

Jester - “What do you have in mind?”

Paige - “Let’s make it more like the two of us are just having a conversation rather than the normal interview questions.”

Jester - “Why not, I’m always up for a new experience!”

Paige - “Okay, why do you want to win the International title?  Why is it important to you?”

Jester - “Wow!  Just going to jump right into the deep end, huh!  Well, like I said in an earlier promo, I want to win it just so Archer doesn’t have it.”

Paige - “Yeah, but you’re deeper than that.  What’s the real reason?”

Jester - (with a playful grin on his face) “Wait, are you my psychiatrist now?”

Paige - “Maybe, but don’t worry, this session is free.”

Jester - “Not according to that restaurant we just ate at!”

They both chuckle at the corny joke.

Paige - “But seriously, what’s the real reason?”

Jester - “Okay, I’ll tell you the truth but you have to promise not to think I’m cheesy.”

Paige - “You have my word.”

Jester - “The way I see it a promotion is represented by it’s champions.  In my opinion, Archer is a terrible representative of the WWX.  Now, I’m not saying that I’ll be a perfect champion, but at least I’ll try to be.  Like it or not, as public sports figures that are seen by millions of people each week, we are role models.  I want to give the WWX universe a champion that they can be proud to have their children look up to.”

You can see that Paige is visibly moved by the conviction behind Jester’s words.

Paige - “I don’t think that’s cheesy at all.  In fact, I think it’s inspiring.  I had no idea you felt so deeply about this business.”

Jester - “Well, in this line of work it’s not very often that you can be completely honest and vulnerable.  But I find it easy to open up to you. (after a short pause)  Maybe you are my psychiatrist!”

Paige - “So, you’re confident you will beat Archer this Friday?”

Jester - “I’ve done my due diligence.  I’ve watched tapes of his matches, pinpointed his strengths and weaknesses.  Fill has been a great help because he’s fought Archer several times and he’s given me tips on some of Archers tendencies.  I know that I have the talent to beat him and I’m as prepared as I can possibly be.”

Paige - “Are you at all concerned with any of Archer's friends trying to interfere in the match or the threats Bob Mellon has made about possibly getting involved?”

Jester - “Not at all.  I’ve got the When Worlds Collide brotherhood watching my back.  Fill, Korath, and Rayne will be by my side the entire night.  I feel sorry for anyone that would be dumb enough to tangle with them.”

Jester stops walking and turns to face Paige.

Jester - “I think that enough questions about me.  It’s my turn to ask you some questions.”

Paige -“That seems fair enough but not on camera.”

Jester - “Oh, my own personal private interview.  I think I like the sound of that!  Would you care to grab a drink with me at Chuck's Sports Bar?  It’s just across the street.”

Paige nods yes and Jester offers her his hand, which she quickly accepts, as the two head off into the night.

Fade to black.

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