Fourth Quarter Rally

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Aug25, 2017 11:54pm America/Phoenix
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Fourth Quarter Rally
(Scene opens with the familiar inside shot of a penthouse apartment in Long Beach, California. Camera pans around the room and stops as WWX superstar, Willie Steen, walks out of the kitchen. A bowl of oatmeal is in his hands as he walks around the apartment)

It is that time of year again, isnít it.

(Steen scoops up a mouthful of oatmeal and takes a bite.)

The All-American Classic, football is back. And like so many fans across this great nation, Cameron Westport is ready and excited for his team to get the season underway. And I gotta say, Westport, you have proven yourself to be quite the football fan.

(Steen takes another bite and begins walking towards his living room.)

You threw a lot of numbers around earlier about your precious Falcons as well as my cityís new hometown team, the Rams. Not that I would know or care that much about either team anyway. Personally, Iíve always been more attracted to winners, like myself. Nevertheless, I gotta admit, your statistical knowledge is impressive. However, I noticed you left out one fairly significant number. And it's one that I think really brings it all together.

(Steen looks up to his right. The camera pans in the direction of Steenís gaze. Posted on the wall is an enlarged screenshot photo of the final score of Superbowl 51 which reads: NE 34 ATL 28. Camera pans back to Steen.)

Sound familiar? Personally, I donít blame you if you chose to forget this one. As a Falconís fan, Iím sure your sick of seeing and hearing this one. But, it in strange way, I find it rather fitting. When I look back at that game I remember all the hype surrounding the Falcons. They were the flashy, young team with the explosive offense that no one could stop. They had the leagueís best record and tons of momentum. So, I get why you connect with them. Because they are you. And you are the Falcons. You have all the physical attributes and advantages. Youíve got the size, you've got the athleticism, youíve got the physicality, youíve got the youth. You are the prototype if there ever was one.

(Steen scrape the sides of his bowl clean and finishes of the last of his snack.)

And then, just like the Falcons, you got off to that scorching hot start. You became a Television Champion in your first couple of months and have shot up the World Title Rankings by laying waste to dozens of superstars in your way. Just like that 28-3 lead, you seemed to be in cruise control on your road to glory. But then, came the final act. That fateful, fourth quarter, when the Falcons got a little too complacent, a little too cocky and let their guard down for just a brief second. Unfortunately, they let their guard down to the wrong team. A team of crafty, resourceful veterans, who knew just when to strike and take advantage. And before they knew it they were left staring at a scoreboard with another teamís logo etched on the Lombardi Trophy. 

(Steen sets down his oatmeal on a table. As he does the camera reels back slightly to reveal the graphic on Steenís shirt: a New England Patriots logo sitting on top of the Lombardi Trophy with the words SUPERBOWL LI CHAMPIONS underneath.)

This too, Iím afraid, will be part of your tragic tale. As it was with every young, up-and-comer before you. No matter how big and strong and powerful you are, you have to always be on your guard. Because the second you slip up, the second you show the slightest crack or opening, this crafty, resourceful veteran is gonna take advantage and leave you looking up at a titantron with my name and music playing. 

(Steen looks over to the television, which is showing highlights of Superbowl 51. Tom Brady takes the snap and tosses the ball to James White. White speeds around the edge and fights his way through Falcon defenders. He extends his arms and makes a final diving drive for the endzone. The referee blows his whistle and and throws his hands up in the air, signaling touchdown. Camera pans back to Steen with a smile on his face. He then looks at the camera)

Are you ready for some WRESTLING?!

(Steen winks at the camera and walks off toward the kitchen. Camera pans back to the television as the Patriot players celebrate on the field. At the top of the screen, in the corner, is the infamous and aforementioned score graphic which reads: NE 34 ATL 28. Scene fades to black.)

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