Fozzy Ozbourne Released From WWX

Report Report by JAMES RANGER
On Mon, Dec25, 2017 10:23pm America/Phoenix
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Fozzy Ozbourne Released From WWX
Currently pending due to the nature of the legal action taken, but World Wrestling Xistence Superstar and Television Champion Fozzy Ozbourne terminated his contract with the company following his team's loss in the James Bourne Tag Team Tournament Finals on the last edition of Saturday Night Ravage on the 23rd of December in El Paso, Texas. The match was for the vacant WWX Tag Team Championship, in which the team of Willie Steen and Kurtis Ray defeated the team of WWX Television Champion Fozzy Ozbourne and WWX Hall of Famer Krimzon Blaze.

While this somewhat troubling due to that Fozzy asked and was granted a week to rest from being booked, he was booked to appear in the Holiday Hell PPV slated for January 6th of the new year. In that match he was slated to defend the WWX Television Championship against Willie Steen in a stipulated match that the world voted for. 

Head of Talent Relations and On-Screen Ravage General Manager James Ranger had the following to say:

Obviously it being the holidays, i wish all talents representing our company to be safe, especially our champions, as they are the hardest workers we have on the roster. While this can be considered a setback, i am willing to give Fozzy Ozbourne until this Saturday at our next live show to reconsider terminating his contract with the company. 

More on this situation as it develops.


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