Freshly Fallen Rayne

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Tue, Dec05, 2017 9:20pm America/Phoenix
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Freshly Fallen Rayne
{The camera comes to life in the backstage area of the AT&T Center. Ravage has just come to a close. Everybody is packing up their things and the equipment. The camera catches a glimpse of Rayne going by looking for Darkness and Syndicate.}

??: Interesting how you can smell the Rayne after it has freshly fallen.

{Darkness steps out of the shadows as Rayne disappears down the hallway.}

Darkness: What happen Rayne? Did you not think for a freaking second that I would not seek revenge for locking me in my locker room tonight. Causing yet another lose that you can talk about for ages. I don't care what our illustrious leader Ranger has to say. I know it was you. You figured another loss would take me out of the title picture and leave Ranger no choice but give that spot to you. Not a chance in Hell Rayne. Not tonight, not tomorrow, and not ever. 

{Darkness begins walking the opposite way down the hallway.}

Darkness: Tonight you thought you had it all locked up. You thought you had the Undisputed championship in your hands but Rayne what you failed to think is I want Syndicate at Holiday Hell. I don't want Rayne, Kurtis Ray nor do I want a combination of the previous. This will not be like Hall of Pain. Oh, but wait Ranger once again wants to interfere with my plans. Once again he has stuck his nose where it doesn't belong and given you one more shot at what you now you don't deserve. Ranger has given you a shot to insert yourself into my match with Syndicate at Holiday Hell. A match that should be just me and Syndicate. My Undisputed championship match... not yours or anybody else but for some damn reason nobody can stay out of my matches. First it was Lipton and Rex and now it is Kurtis Ray and you, Rayne.

{Darkness turns the corner and sees Syndicate leaning against the wall clutching the Undisputed championship. Darkness proceeds towards Syndicate with a smirk on his face.}

Darkness: All though it didn't look like it Rayne but I'm guessing you had a smile underneath that pissed off look you had on your face as you passed by. You are probably happy that Ranger has pitted you against me and Syndicate for a shot to insert yourself into my match at Holiday Hell. Your probably thinking like Ranger is and that is the fact that me and Syndicate will not play well with each other. You and Ranger might be right. This match may be a total blow up. For all we know me and Syndicate may not even make it to the ring which would leave you with what you want Rayne... another shot at the champ.

{Syndicate finally sees Darkness coming his way. He pushes himself from the wall and heads the other direction.}

Darkness: Well I guess that may be your answer right there Rayne. Syndicate doesn't even want to talk about our match. How will the two of us work together if we can't even get on the same page before the match. Yeah I know it has only been a few short minutes since I sent him crashing to the mat but hell he should be thanking me. I saved his title tonight and how does he repay me? He walks off. Well I will get my thanks even if it means  I have to take out you and Super Bacon myself. 

{Darkness pauses for a second and then leans against the wall where Syndicate was.}

Darkness: On second thought Rayne, I think I will put aside my differences with Syndicate just for one night and one night only. There is no way I'm going to let you into my championship match no matter who my partner is. You think what happened tonight was bad just wait until me and Syndicate get done with you and Bacon on Ravage. You will be begging Ranger to put you back in the television division. Just remember one thing Rayne... the time has come... he is here... you cannot escape... run.

{Darkness smirks a bit as the camera fades to black.}

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