From the desk of Bourne: A Mayhem Press Conference

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On Tue, Jul04, 2017 4:53pm America/Phoenix
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From the desk of Bourne: A Mayhem Press Conference
[The camera pans outside of WWX Towers. The fans are all seen standing behind the security gates as the Wooden Podium with the WWX logo hangs on it. Press have all taken their places, their cameras set up throughout the whole area. Soon after, James Bourne comes up to the camera sporting a black three piece suit. He takes the podium and adjusts the mic as he begins speaking].

Bourne: Good evening everyone and welcome to the special press conference in regards to the events of this past week of WWX Mayhem. As you are all aware, there were numerous events that would have taken far too long in order to discuss this matter though one segment therefore I have decided to hold this and take any questions that may be presented. Go ahead.

[Hands shoot up in numerous areas as Bourne points at the first].

Reporter 1: Hello Mr. Bourne. Numerous people are wondering...what happened to Mr Adams?

Bourne: Xander Adams has been down with a sickness these past few weeks. Mr Adams generally doesn't like to show his face on camera anyway, therefore he refused to join us during this conference. As you are all aware, this is still his show and he will return to being the general manager in the very near future. Next. 

[Hands shoot up once more as he points to the next].

Reporter 2: Mr. Bourne, can you tell us about the circumstances of the tag team title match?

Bourne: I am glad that you asked that. As you are all aware, the tag team title match was shrouded in controversy. Our new champions, pure darkness, won by what some would consider some very shady circumstances. With that said, I have decided that in order to determine who is going to get a shot at the belts, we must begin once again by eliminating the teams. And by eliminating the teams, I mean that next week on Mayhem, we are going to have a match for the ages. We will have Matt Glazebrook of 420 taking on Rex McAllister representing himself and tommy, and Ezra Zion representing the blade club in a triple threat match. The person that gets the pin for their team will move onto a tag team title shot to follow at our next headline Pay Per View. 

[Hands continue to throw up all over the place]

Bourne: Go ahead you. 

Reporter 3: Hello sir. I am wondering about the world championship match that had happened. The match ended in a draw where all three people were unable to get back to the ring in time. What is going to happen with that?

Bourne: Well, heres the thing with that. After a large discussion with the referee of the match and all the competitors, I have come to the conclusion that it is only fair that we give the people exactly what they want. Therefore, we are going to place all three men in the main event this week for the Undisputed World Championship. Those men wanted a shot at the title, and due to time restrictions were not able to get it. Therefore, we will also make this a street fight! Who needs time restrictions when theres action to get to RIGHT!?

[The fans stand up cheering and clapping as he continue shakes his head in approval. He points to another reporter].

Reporter 4: With Blayde Archer being crowned the new international champion, we have to wonder what happened to Rayne after going off the air? Also, will we see new life in the international division?

Bourne: You will all in fact see new life in the international division. We have Dr Death and many others that are moving their way up to taking a shot at a bigger championship, and we look forward to seeing them there. In regards to Rayne, I spoke with medical personnel prior to coming back to the mic here for this conference. They stated to me that Rayne may be unable to compete in WWX competition for weeks to even months. He had numerous severe injuries and we wish him the best in his recovery. 

Reporter 5: What is next for Fill who was chained to the ring against Archer? 

Bourne: Fill and I have already had a conversation about what is going to come with him and archer. In regards to that, I ask that you all wait and see the upcoming Mayhem card posting which will be following this conference. I have no more time for questions. I thank you all for your time and patience and thank you for supporting WWX and Mayhem. 

[Bourne steps off the mic and into the towers as the scene fades to black].

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