From the light and from the dark

Roleplay Roleplay by BISHOP POLARIS
On Wed, May17, 2017 3:05am America/Phoenix
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From the light and from the dark
[Ominous music is playing as the lens opens on a dark trail. The camera is right by the ground, each individual blade of grass on display as it reaches out from the dirt. The dark music intensifies and a shadow falls over the patch of grass. A huge, black boot drops right onto the ground in front of the  camera. Now mid day the feed cuts to the sky, the camera pointed straight up to the clouds. The music is now lighter, with a more whimsical tone to it. As the music picks up in pace, clouds part to unveil the sun. As it grows brighter and brighter the music picks up. Then a flash of white comes over the sky and a hand comes down covering the camera.

Back on the first trail the black boot paces away from the screen. The figure wearing the boots continues to walk away from the camera as their black pants are revealed. Eventually it is revealed to be Tom Black walking away from the camera. He continues to walk off into the darkness, briefly stopping turning back towards the camera, then swiftly turning his head away and marching into the woods.

The hand now comes off the camera pointed to the sky and now pointed up to Bishop Polaris. Positioned above the camera with his head blocking out the sun making his face a silhouette as the rest of him remains in the light.]

Bishop “We come from different places. One from the darkness and one from the light, that is what makes us an unstoppable force. (He pauses and looks up to the sun) Tom Black, The Dark One. He is an unstoppable wrecking ball of a man. He will bull rush his way through McAllister and Lipton using his sense of destruction and longing to cause pain. Meanwhile, The Light One, Bishop Polaris I will coordinate and guide my monstrous tag team partner and methodically dissect the soon to be former tag team champions.”

[Bishop pauses and kneels, now blocking out the sun entirely only leaving him in frame. Now his face can be seen, expressionless.]

Bishop “As Pure Darkness spreads our wings and captures the WWX Tag Team Championship, so will the movement of Purity I am bringing to the WWX. Just like the teams before them 420 and Bacon and Gaijin, these two are merely roadblocks and will be conquered in the name of Purity!”

[Polaris backs away from the camera, revealing Tom Black standing over his shoulder. Black towering over Polaris and the camera. Polaris looks up at Black and nods his head. A big grin comes across the face of Black and Bishop exits frame.]

Black “I. Want. My. Titles.”

[Black raises his boot and stomps out the camera causing the feed to cut.]

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