Fun Time At The Bar

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On Tue, Jun13, 2017 3:45pm America/Phoenix
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Fun Time At The Bar
[ The segment takes place at a small rock bar. Thunderstruck by AC/DC can be heard playing at a low volume and the only people in the bar seem to be the bartender and Fill. As the camera gets closer, it becomes visible that the International title belt is strapped to Fill's waist and he's holding a dart. As he aims he gestures the cameraman to stop. ]

Fill: Hold on for a moment, I'm trying to concentrate.

[ He keeps aiming for a few seconds, before he throws the dart and misses the target. He looks disappointed before he speaks out ]

Fill: Damn, this entire month has gone like this. It starts off as fun and games, accomplishing dreams in the process.

[ As he says that he taps the title belt a couple of times and looks at the camera ]

Fill: But good moments never last long. One moment it's a dream, next thing you know it turns into a living nightmare. That nightmare continues flying over my head and it doesn't seem even close to stopping. However...

[ He goes to a table and grabs a bottle of beer, taking a few sips before he continues ]

Fill: ... as bad as things should look, they are somehow appear easy to get used to. For one thing, I've been in the WWX for such a long time, that I've seen enough, been through enough, and probably gonna be through a hell of a lot more. Secondly, it's turning more and more into the reason why I came back. Well, maybe what happened between Rayne and I wasn't part of the plan, but I was able to tangle with Willie Steen a few times, I was able to win the International Championship for a third time, and on Sunday I'll be defending it in an elimination fatal four way, where I will be able to pin or be pinned wherever you can think of.

[ Fill brushes the table and the chair with his hand and makes a sadistic smile ]

Fill: The detail about a falls count anywhere match is that wherever you take the fight, it's bound to be full of weapons. You can find everything through the backstage area, including a kitchen sink - hope it doesn't come to that, anyway. There is a reason I picked this very bar, but we'll get to that in the end, right Joe?

[ The camera turns to the bartender for a few seconds as he just makes a growling sound as he continues to do his job ]

Fill: He's not much of a talker. Speaking of guys who don't talk much, one of the opponents I have to face in that match has hardly said a thing since he came to the WWX. He mostly just chokes people and lets his manager do all the talking...all...that...talking. Giant Khoklov, one of the first people who stood up to me since I came back. Had a few run ins with him that didn't go well. One thing's for sure around him, no one has been able to put him down without some kind of help. That is possible, but so far hardly anyone has been able to stand up to that goliath. But from what I already said, this won't be a walk in the park match, you might say rules won't apply, which means that Khoklov won't have to be beaten with simple moves. If nothing is enough for that guy, Rayne might bring his hammer again, that worked last time right?

[ Fill sits on the chair and takes another sip of his beer ]

Fill: I already mentioned that I'm supposed to be upset from what's been going on these days, but feeling the opposite. To add something more to the confusion, there has been an up and coming team that has been doing whatever it wants around here, including getting involved in other people's business. Right, the Blade Club. They managed to piss off Xander Adams, they managed to get involved between my personal business with Rayne, and for all their trouble they got one of their own in the International Championship picture. Blayde Archer, I heard you loud and clear, after all how could I not when you absolutely needed to say it to my face. I applaud you for that, but all you managed to do was enter a very....veeeeerry bad time. Of all the times you had to stick your nose into other people's business, it had to be in THAT match. No one can predict if I wasn't gonna get up from that pin without you or not, it wasn't gonna end there one way or another. Rayne and I have unfinished business, and it sure as hell won't end in that Falls Count Anywhere match. As much as everyone doubts it would happen, Rayne hates interruptions just as much as I do. He's entered some kind of godlike state, or whatever you want to call it, he got under my skin and pissed me off, and now thanks to punks like you, we're in a match where we won't be able to continue what we started. For that to happen, both you and Khoklov have to beat it. If I have to team up with Rayne one more time to do that - I will. I'm not afraid to admit that there's still a part of me that wishes Rayne hadn't done what he did, but since we're at it we might as well enjoy it - taking out our frustrations on anyone who stands in our way. So Archer, you would do well to keep your goons as far away from that match as possible. Because the way I see it, your intrusion won't just hand you a title like the International title. In fact, all you're gonna get is eliminated before everyone else in that match. If you don't believe me, just wait til Sunday. 

[ Fill grabs the bottle and notices it's empty. He takes an emotionless look at the bottle as he says in a lower tone ]

Fill: As for you Rayne...

[ Out of nowhere, Fill stands up and throws the bottle at the target and lands a direct hit ]

Fill: Teamed up, broken up, doesn't matter. What we started might never end, so keep in mind what I said. If you want us to continue in peace, you will lend me a hand in removing the trash from that match. If not, well... you will get the same thing you got last time you faced me - emptiness. A win isn't guaranteed for you, but if you do it over one of the rest, it won't be what you wanted, it won't count as a win over me and that will hang over your head, blaming you that you couldn't finish the job. The choice is yours. Either way, I get what I want, and oh no it's not stress, it's the thrill of the fight. I'll leave the stress for all of you to handle. 

[ Fill walks up to the bar and while smiling shouts at the bartender ]

Fill: Joe, time to show everyone why I picked this bar.

Joe: Oh come on, do we really have to...

Fill: BAR FIGHT!!!

[ The door gets kicked down as a bunch of rockers enter and start fighting each other with everything they can catch. Fill laughs out and joins the fight as the segment ends ]

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