Fury and Comedy

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 6:07am America/Phoenix
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Fury and Comedy
[Tom Black is watching his TV in his cave sat on his old, moldy sofa and he is looking dissapointed and bored, Polaris is pacing around the room angrily as if someone had just told him some really annoying news. The cave is dripping in the corners, and the lamp is on.]

Tom Black: Is this what you call comedy Polaris?

Polaris: What?! 

[He huffs and reluctantly and walks over to the screen as  if he's about to yell at Black, but he doesn't, he looks over his shoulder and watches the TV for 5 seconds and steps back from the couch, then huffs once more.]

Polaris: Yes, yes why?

Tom Black: I dunno, I just don't find it funny, it's just people trying to look silly in front of other people, if the Dark One had his own way, he would clothesline these comedians and show them what for, now that's funny!

[Polaris looks confused, yet un-surprised, after all, it took him 30 minutes just to stop him from going on a killing spree.]

Polaris: Is it? You confuse me Tom, they have done nothing wrong, whereas Blade Club have! This Blayde Archer man starts talking smack when he isn't even competing, he's scared, he get's his henchmen to do everything for him and he get's all the glory!

Tom Black: Yes, very true, is there anything else on?

[He grabs his remote and changes the channel, he looks utterly un-impressed with these comedian's jokes on this big screen, it switches to Blade Club's message to Pure Darkness for Mayhem.]

Polaris: Oh dear, not them, anyone but them.

Tom Black: Ha ha ha! Now this is funny!

Polaris: What? How can you think THIS is funny Tom? These are our enemies! We are dedicated to taking them of of the picture!

[Polaris is fuming and his face goes extremely violet, but this is not an embarrassed look, this is a ferocious look. He starts to pace around the room once more while he continually mumbles some indistinct chatter.]

Tom Black: No no no, THEY aren't funny, THIS is funny, they seriously think they can lift the 310 pounds of pure muscle that is the Dark One! Also, they suddenly think there the big guys, no! ustice Johnson may be 385 pounds, put he's not 6'11, he's just fat! And as for Ezra Zion, it sounds like he's from some sort of cartoon! He calls you scum Polaris, scum!

Polaris: What?! HE, the degenerate who meets in strip clubs and swears at everyone, and drinks, calls the most pure man on earth, Bishop Polaris, scum?! This is an outrage! I am angry, I've had enough!

Tom Black: Wow! I'm usually the one who loses his temper!

[Polaris' face starts to go less red and his facial expressions start to go back to normal, he breathes in and then out again. He was very angry, it wasn't like Tom Black's blind rage, it was more sinister, and it was a lot more focused.]

Polaris: OK, fine...

[Tom Black's face looks once again bored and unimpressed at the calming down of the once angry Bishop Polaris' rage.]

Tom Black: Awwww... I thought we could be a team of anger and destruction, and possibly we could become unstopabble! This would really boost our performance, you care about that Polaris, surely.

Polaris: OK my friend, when it comes to the match, we can both let all our inner rage out, and we WILL become unstoppable, we WILL be able to stop their momentum.

Tom Black: Oh yeah! Time to get violent.

[He stands up as if he's about to leave the room to kill someone, but once again Polaris pulls him back down again.]

Tom Black: You know, this Sunday, I'm going to be so happy you wont stop me.

Polaris: No I wont... And you wont be able to stop me.

[They start to maniacally laugh.]

Tom Black: Now that is comedy!

[They carry on laughing in the dark, dank cave as the scene fades to black.]

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