Fury Road

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Wed, Aug08, 2018 11:14pm America/Phoenix
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Fury Road
*Hex Girl is driving the video obviously shot on her phone's camera.*

Jenna, you are crazy if you think that I am going to trust you to have my back in the ring. You have been |BLEEP|ing with my matches every chance you get. As for Willie the only thing I expect out of him is stroking his own ego. Don't worry though you can come on down in your little 'I love me' jacket, and we'll get this match handled. But don't you think for an instant that I consider you anything but the rabid dog you've shown yourself to be. You turn on me and I will put you down. Steen turns on me and Hollywood is gonna have to increase it's CGI budget to improve his looks. 

As for Tinordi and the Pendragons... well The Machine and the Assassin they can be a tall order however the walking case of the munchies they've been teamed with might slow them down. I'm not going to bank on it. I tell you what Jenny. Bea and I already have history let me take her. You can throw yourself at the stoner and we can let Steen wear himself out on the Machine or vice versa I don't really care. At any rate see you at Fury.

*She reaches over towards the camera and the video freezes before cutting to black.*

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