''Fury''ous Norseman

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Thu, Oct19, 2017 3:17pm America/Phoenix
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''Fury''ous Norseman
*Scene opens inside a local gym in Boston. Only a few people are here this time of day but that only makes it easier to find our quarry. The echoing sound of great weight hitting metal sends the camera towards a back corner where we see The Nordic Nightmare Korath busily getting fifty pound plates loaded onto a reinforced bar. His workout gear strains to cover him in places as he works, grey shorts and a black tank top with the words 'Strength of the Gods, Norse workout apparel' across the back, look as though they might as well be painted on. His long red hair is kept tied back in a loose braid, and the look on his face as he lifts the heavily laden bar and begins to roll his massive shoulders in a slow shrug reveals his focus and a seething, buried rage. A quick look to his left in the mirror has him noticing the cameras and without stopping he begins to speak, his voice a little shaky from his workout.

"It's funny how the oddest thing can cause a person to instantly find the rage buried within all of us. With myself it is usually the stupid things random people usually do, but for others it can be not getting what they want, coworkers, we all know this. So why am I wasting my breath saying this? It's just one of the things that roll through my mind during my daily workouts. But enough about that, I've got a match in a couple of days I need to focus on, a partner I'm not sure I can work with, and opponents that I'm not sure I can be serious against. If you will give me a moment to finish my set I'll give you guys my full attention."

Korath rolls his shoulders ten or so more times and then sets the weight back on it's rack with a resounding crash. He then walks over to a bench where he has his gym gear, removing his earbuds and putting away what looks like an mp3 player and grabbing a jug of water. He takes a long drink before replacing it and turning his attention back to the camera. Anger still dances across his face as he speaks again.

"I have still not heard from Jake Devine, he is to be my partner in the coming tag team tournament, yet he does not seem to care enough to promote himself. I've worked along plenty of people like him, and while I despise doing so, I can't change other peoples ways. I can only have faith that come Fury he will have shown himself to be a worthy partner. If he isn'tÖ.well I can only hope you don't get in my way Jake, for as strong as I am I will not carry you."

As Korath stops he picks up two 100 pound dumbbells and begins doing calf raises. The mask of anger and concentration never leaving his face.

"Now my opponents 420 on the other hand, if there is nothing I despise more than a partner that doesn't pull his weight, it is prey that doesn't bother to make itself a challenge. If I have not made it clear in the past, The Red Wolf of Kiruna, thatís me if your drug addled brains aren't keeping up, is an apex predator. When I enter the ring I have stepped into my hunting grounds and those who stand before me are my prey. While the fans in attendance may enjoy the show, I do not find joy in crushing weak prey. Matt Glazebrook, Gary Tinordi, I know that the two of you are able to work as a devastating tag team, show me that the two of you are still worth facing or I swear to you in Odin's name I will make sure that you do not leave the arena under your own power. Now if that was too long for you to pay attention too I will give you the condensed version:  Stand and fight or be conquered."

Finishing his set, he returns the dumbbells to their rack starts rolling the stiffness out of his arms. He walks back to the laden bench bar and lifts it with little difficulty, doing a few bicep curls to test the weight before replacing it and sitting down on the bench.

"I have one more thing I wish to address before I get seriously into my workout again. From this Fury until Hall of Pain I will be turning myself into a living, breathing natural weapon of destruction. Any who stand against me or any decide to enter my affairs will know what it is like to be trapped in a storm of pure violence. If you would like a hint at what I mean, please be sure you tune in to Fury or make it to the arena, The Nordic Nightmare reigns never ending."

Korath then lies back on the bench and lifts the heavy bar into position, taking a few quick breathes he starts pumping the weight up and down, continuing his workout with gusto as the scene quickly fades to black and the Nordic Nightmare logo.

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