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On Sat, Dec23, 2017 8:02am America/Phoenix
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*Static cuts across the screen before transitioning into a shot of the backstage area of the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas.  The camera is moving down the main backstage hallway, where not a soul can be found (it is early Saturday morning, after all).  After a few moments of wandering, the camera comes across the figure of Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, leaning against a wall.  Wearing a black zip-up hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers, Syndicate holds the World title on his left shoulder as he stares off into space, apparently deep in thought.*

Syndicate: I'm not asking you to "accept the booking", Bob.  I'm simply letting you know what the future holds for you.

*A small smile appears on his face as he continues.*

Syndicate: This is an exhibition, yes.  Nothing's on the line.  I don't face any consequences if I lose.  But to me, that doesn't matter.  I am not here in the WWX to only win when it matters.  I don't wrestle in order to be seen as a plucky little guy that steals championships without really "becoming" a champion in the process.  And, quite frankly, I am not here to lose to men like you, Bob.  You may be on the upswing, sure...but you're not on my level.  Not yet, and frankly, not ever.

Syndicate: You wanna know why I say what I say?  Or, put more simply, why I'm a cocky ass bitch?  Because I have to be.  Because people like you don't give me ANY respect, ANY significance.  You brush aside my list of accomplishments like they don't matter.  You see me as a plucky little kid instead of the heavyweight champion that I truly am.  I come off as cocky because I am the ONLY one in the WWX that believes in the Los Angeles Outlaw.  You know how frustrating that is, Bob, when nobody gives you a chance in hell of succeeding and then when you do, they push you aside like you don't matter?

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: This is all I've got, Bob.  That ring, this championship...it's all I've got left.  Because of that, regardless of if there are stakes involved, I have to beat you, Bob.  I've got to.  There's no "plan B", there's no other way of going about it.  I need to win at Ravage because I need to show the world exactly where I stand in this company - right on top of it.  I need to show that I belong as the top guy, the UNDISPUTED World Champion.

*Syndicate looks right at the camera with a dead-serious look on his face.*

Syndicate: I will beat you, Bob.  There's no debate about that.  I am faster, I have better stamina, I have more heart, and I have an unmatched drive to succeed.  This is your future, Bob.  You may find success after we face off, but this week...that success won't be there.  Neither will a W for The Beast.  Instead...it'll be another accolade on the shelf of the Outlaw, another legend KILLED by the "Legend Killer" himself.

Syndicate: This is a dream match, Bob.  Something the WWX has never seen before and, maybe, will never see again.  A once-in-a-lifetime match, if you will.  But everyone - EVERYONE - in that El Paso crowd will already know the result, because they listen to my words.  They know what I can do to people like you.  That crowd RESPECTS me, Bob.  It's about time I make you respect me too.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*Chuckling, Syndicate walks off, and as he does, static flows over the shot.*



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