Game Of Thrones

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Wed, Oct25, 2017 3:37pm America/Phoenix
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Game Of Thrones
Their sits a man in a throne far off in the distance seemingly in some kind of large structure as a bright spotlight shines down on a angle from behind making it rather hard to see who the man is. Darkness engulfs the large space except for this man sitting on his throne. Not a sound is heard or a move is made as the scenejust sits there fixated on the shadowy figure who is perched on the throne like a man of stature. We can all suspend disbelief for a momentand pretend it's not the WWX's newest superstar Fozzy Ozbourne and carry on this rather pointless narrative of "who could this person be?" sitting in the shadow of a spotlight.Or we can sit here for a moment and reflect. Reflection is a beautiful thing, it allows us gain some perspective on previous events. We could sit here and describe how Fozzy sits on this throne as a king amongst men in WWX high on top of the mountain ready to take it to the next level as but in actuality has barely been in WWX for a cup of coffee. Bad pun metaphor play on words blah blah blah.We inch closer and closer to the throne to see Fozzy sitting there with a derisive look on his facewearing a black leather vest bare chested, black jeans and of course Fozzy's oversized white framed sunglasses. The spotlight gives off a murky glow from the leather vest as his starts to come to life.

FOZZY- I used to sit on this throne with the accolades of a king. The accolades of a world champion. I've lead armies to battle, armies to conquer different promotions throughout the world. I've seen everything this business can throw at you, I've had the whole world in my hands on many occasions only to have it ripped away. I've lied, cheated and clawed my way to the top. I've been honorable but also been betrayed. I've entertained the masses for years, I was on top of the mountain and threw it all away.

Fozzy gets up off the throne and steps down from it's perch. He takes a few steps forward as the spotlight follows, the sound of each step on the concrete floorechoing throughout the seemingly empty structure. Fozzy has his head slightly down as his hair dangles in front of his brow, he pushes his sunglasses to his forehead and looks up with a bound and determined look in his eyes.

FOZZY- Now I'm back and this time in WWX and I will get the respect I deserve. No matter who they put in front of me no matter how big they are or what division they are in I will defeat them. One by one they will fall victim to my talent.

Fozzy looks back behind him for a moment. The throne he was once sat upon stands mighty as ever. He looks back towards the camera.

FOZZY- Yeah, I used to have the right to sit on that throne and stake my claim as king sh*t of turd mountain. But that was in the past so until I take back my rightful place to sit on that throne I'm gonna burn it all to the ground.

Fozzy takes out a pack of matches and proceeds to light up the whole pack and throws the fire towards the throne. The throne ignites in a magnificent inferno as Fozzy looks back to the camera having to raise his voice over the roar of the fire.

FOZZY- Superstar by superstar division by division I will find a way to conquer them all until I sit back upon that metaphorically throne of entitlement. NOW! What lays ahead? Hopefully some god damn competition. My last two matches while I showcased my superior skill were less than lackluster. One thing that I have noticed in my short time in WWX is that I'm not the only one who seeks redemption and past glory, it seems to be everyone's story. It's a lot of the same old crap honestly. I see the same thing over and over again. Maybe I'm just jaded to the whole thing but on the other end of the spectrum I love to compete. I love to push my own boundaries into unfamiliar territory and see where it goes.

Fozzy smirks

FOZZY- Speaking of unfamiliar territory this question keep turning in my mind. What moves do I make next? It seems as though I have no choice but to be put in a some kind of wild card tag tournament with a partner not of my choosing. Now I could choose to no show but that wouldn't be any fun like I said I'm down for exploring some unfamiliar territory. One championship that has always eluded me was a tag team title. For all my years in this business I was never the tag team type but I'm willing to give this opportunity a go. As much as I hate the idea of relying of someone I've never even met before I'm willing to do my part. Now the questions are... Is Krimson Blaze going to screw me over? Are you going to do your part? I know enough to know that you are a hall of famer and a former tag team champion in this promotion and while we seem like the ultimate odd couple, the question is are you able to keep up with me? Are you going to flake out because perhaps you think you are better than this division. Perhaps your focus is elsewhere or maybe.... just maybe you will show up at your very best. A lot of interesting questions will be answered soon enough. Krimson the bravado of the hero cries out from you. So be the hero, show up at your very best and I'll do the same. You take the high road and I'll take the low road and somewhere in the middle could potentially be a great tag team. It's pretty much up to you, you're the one with years of experience here in WWX. I'm some new guy coming in claiming to be the best. I have my tactics and you will have yours. Trust me when I say we are going to have a face to face conversation before our match and I'll know within 30 seconds if you're going waste my time or not. It honestly doesn't even matter to me I probably could carry you to a tag team title by myself but why make things so difficult.

Fozzy turns around and looks once more at the blazing inferno where his throne sat. He was dead set on leaving the past behind him and forging a new destiny in WWX. But uncertainty of a unknown partner weighed heavily in his mind and though he tried not to show it, visibly on his face as well. He was on a roll and didn't want that to end. The thought had crossed Fozzy's mind to just double cross Krimson Blaze and walk out on the match just to be done with it. But Foz liked having a winning streak and didn't like that Krimson Blaze could jeopardize that. He looks up at the spotlight for a moment then back towards the camera.

FOZZY- KB I'm telling you this now as I will to your face. Do your part, do anything to win, have my back and I'll have yours. If you do anything to screw me over you'll face my unrelenting wrath until I brake you down and beat you over and over again.

Fozzy smiles and continues on.

FOZZY- Now that the motivational threats are over. KB we will be having a face to face very soon so stay humble and I will be as well and maybe we can get along with some civilly. But that is later down the line.....

The camera starts to come in on a closer shot as Fozzy takes a few steps towards the blaze that is starting to die down now. He addresses the camera once again adjusting his black leather vest.

FOZZY- At my first Hall of Pain appearance I begin to build my legacy once again by winning the WWX Television Title. A division that is full of pretenders with a champion who is protected talent in my opinion. You see we now live in a pussified generation of political correctness where we can't really say what we think. It's all phoney smiles and fake hellos and while the world burns all around us, we all worry about offending people. I don't have this problem and Hex Girl unfortunately for you, you're in my sights and you have been since day one. When I first started to scout WWX I thought to myself what's the easier way to make an impact? Take out the obviously easiest division and on top of that division of paper contenders is you Hex Girl. Now I don't really know the history of WWX and I don't really care but I assume you're the first woman to capture a male's single title here. Am I correct?

Fozzy half heartedly claps and continues.

FOZZY- Commendable but pointless. It's not pointless cause you're a woman, it's pointless cause you're not that good. I see many holes in your game that I'm going to expose and pick apart. You know I don't care who I face, men or women. Their have been some women who have gotten the best of me in the ring I must admit. So Hex Girl I don't sh*t on you because you're a woman, it's because I don't respect you. My skill and tactics are cunning and deadly and in my opinion yours are not. I think you've been handed that title to fill some kind of gender equality quota here in WWX. Imagine if there was a black midget pre op trans sexual wrestler here in WWX the he she would probably be world champion to appease the PC pussified masses. I'm all about come as you are but I don't have to like it and I don't care I will comment on it if I want. At Hall of Pain I kill the heart warming feel good trend of Hex Girl. So Hex train your ass off, get that little nerd Leon Jones to do yet another boring interview as you try to pluck at people's heart strings with your corny horse crap. The rise of The Trend Killer is imminent and once you feel the wrath of The Tallywacker you're done 1...2...3........ No dummy that's not a bad sexual pun, that's just a fact of life. You and that other pretender Luke Jairus will fall victim to my talent as I save the television division from the likes of you two.

Fozzy shakes his head and laughs then continues.

FOZZY- Luke Jairus is proof that WWX management doesn't know what they are doing. HELL they can't even spell my name correctly. But regardless you've been handed yet another opportunity to fail. For some reason Luke you're in this match and just like the first time I faced you the outcome will be the same.

Fozzy fingers the camera to come closer in on his face.

FOZZY- I want the WWX locker room to know I'm not here to merely compete and be a team player. I'm here for fame and glory, I'm here to win at all costs not just to take part but to take over. I'm putting this roster on notice that The Trend Killer will be a force to be reckoned with here in this promotion. I couldn't give a crap if you've been here since day one I will not be denied. At Hall of Pain I save this paper division by being it's undeterred champion. Luke Jairus and Hex Girl you will find out first hand. That you can't stop rock and roll and...

Fozzy spreads his arms out in a Jesus Christ pose and looks up.

FOZZY- You can't stop Fozzy OZbourne!

The spotlight shuts off as the scene fades to black.


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