Gauntlet Fever

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Tue, Nov28, 2017 8:52pm America/Phoenix
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Gauntlet Fever
{The camera comes to life inside the San Antonio International Airport. The San Antonio International Airport is busy as usual. People rushes to catch their flights, some are sleeping in chairs as they wait for their flight delays to be over with, and others waiting on their luggage as it comes through the carousel. One of those waiting is WWX superstar Darkness.}

Darkness: Here we are in good old San Antonio, Texas. The AT&T Center, the sight for Ravage on December 2nd. On that night one man will try and earn a shot at the Television championship. He will have to go through four competitors which includes myself. He must battle each one of us in succession in order to achieve his goal. He must make four pin falls, or four count outs, or even four disqualifications to come out the victor and secure his championship match at Holiday Hell. That man is Damian Price and Damian will have to overcome gauntlet fever.  

{Darkness stands in front of the luggage carousel and continues to watch for his luggage to come around.}

Darkness: Damian, a gauntlet match is nothing to sneeze at. It is a match you better come prepared for. A match that will test your physical ability, durability, and stamina. I guess the first thing to do is make it through your first opponent as fast as you can all while conserving your energy. Now that task should be easy for you since as you said you will be challenged by a relative newcomer in Kailee. Now from what I have heard Kailee may be joining some sort of sorority which is lead by the first ever female Television champion in the WWx... Hex Girl. Kailee, with the tutelage of Hex Girl, may give you a run for your money but in all honesty I think you will pull through and make it to your next opponent Lu'Andre Xavier.

{Darkness' luggage finally appears on the luggage carousel. Darkness grabs it and begins the long trek to his rental car.}

Darkness: Lu'Andre Xavier is your next opponent Damien. Xavier in his own right is a great athlete. He has won championships and somewhat made a name for himself here in the WWX. From what I've heard he is also a GM of another wrestling company. Maybe he is trying to be like James Ranger. This could explain why he hasn't been around lately. This will also explain why he will probably be a no show for the gauntlet match on Ravage and will make your path to the final two men in the gauntlet a whole lot easier. Although the the final two will not be that easy. Unless...

{Darkness begins to make his way through the airport and out to the car that he rented earlier while on the plane.}

Darkness: Something could go awry. Something could go wrong. It could go the way James Ranger wants it to by me pinning you 1,2,3 and knocking you out of the gauntlet and keeping you from the match for the television title, or I could do what I have done for years Damien. I could be a thorn in Rangers side once again. Maybe when the bell rings I will just step out of the ring. The question is what will you do. Will you step out of the ring and throw me back in or will you let the ref handle the decision and let me get under the skin of our illustrious general manager. If I know you Damien you will not take the easy road. You will take me my limit, you will do everything in your power to stop me and move on in the gauntlet. I will not be that easy though and if you do somehow mange to get by me will you have enough in the tank to get by your former stable mate, Willie Steen.

{Darkness makes it to the car. He pops the trunk and puts his bags in and shuts it back.}

Darkness: Damien, Willie will be your next test if by some sheer luck you make it past me. Damien don't get in that ring and start reminiscing about your times in the Insurgence. Nah, never mind go ahead and bring up the past and let Willie Steen show you why he was a world champion. Why he will be a first ballot hall of famer. Oh wait isn't that your goal Damien. Well that goal will go to the waste side when the four of us bury you in the gauntlet match and end your run at the television title. The thing I want to know Damien is can you handle the gauntlet fever.

{The camera fades as Darkness gets in the car and drives off.}

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