Gear for battle

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, Oct18, 2017 5:51pm America/Phoenix
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Gear for battle
[The camera opens up showing the city of Boston Massachusetts. The camera pans around the city before going down through one of the rough neighborhoods. Barred windows, broken streets, and very few people on the corners, the camera continues to fall through before landing on an alleyway. Rayne can be seen standing in the distance as he can be heard speaking].

Rayne: After a hard fought battle last week, I move my focus onto something new. 

[He slowly steps out of the darkness as he continues speaking].

Rayne: For the first time in quite some time, my former partner and I, the stressed one himself, are lacing up the boots and getting in the ring together for a hunt on the tag team championships. During this shake up, Bourne has thrown together numerous teams that would have never paired together before in order to try and get the tag team division started again. Bold, I will give him that, but there have already been critics. 

[Rayne pulls his hood off as he continues to walk towards the camera].

Rayne: Fill and I start our journey with our first team in Kurtis Ray and Kailee. Once I have yet to face, and the other I faced somewhat last week. I will begin with you Kurtis. It appears that recently you have gone radio silent. The WWX world has awaited your return and you have fallen short in how you have come along. However, none of that matters to me. To beat you would be something that would set my story through the roof. I have waited for the chance to face you, and though this isn't quite how I had planned, I will take what is in front of me. 

[Rayne stares hard into the camera as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Kailee, there is nothing more that I can say to you. The two of us haven't had a chance to meet one on one, but I am sure that time will come. Regardless, the two of you have been placed in front of us in order to be taken out. I could go on to how we intend to beat you, but there is no point until the two of you respond. Ray...Kailee...This is what happens...WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!

[Rayne walks down the alleyway and back into the darkness as the scene fades to black].

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