Generic Training Promo #1

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Sun, Nov12, 2017 6:58am America/Phoenix
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Generic Training Promo #1
The scene opens to Fozzy Ozbourne working out in a gym, WWX cameras capturing every moment. Nobody in the gym but Fozzy and a camera crew of 3, loud heavy metal is playing throughout the relatively small gym, Black Label Society in fact, one of Fozzy's favorite bands beside his own. He has on grey sweat pants and what looks to be a old ratty vintage black Nike hoodie, running shoes and workout gloves. Fozzy is intensely doing a set of arm curls with 40 pound dumb bells, standing in front of a wall length mirror, you can see the camera crew behind Fozzy. Sweat is pouring from Fozzy's brow and his face is red as he struggles to finish his set of twenty reps. With some effort and a lot of will power Fozzy finishes his set of arm curls and drops the weights to the floor and then turns around and faces the camera crew. A definitely intense look in his face as he speaks loudly over the music blaring in the gym.
Fozzy grabs the camera and brings it closer to his face.
Fozzy releases the camera and starts walking to the other side of the gym towards a big stereo as the camera crew follows.
Fozzy turns down the music in the gym.
FOZZY- Mr. King of Wrestling meet King Sh*t of Turd Mountain a way higher honor. Meet the guy who is going to humble you. Meet the guy who is going to take this company into the future. The reigning and soon to be defending highly entertaining Television Champ, ME!! I don't know who you think you are Damian but rest assure you will know my name forever after this week. Your failed attempt at a comeback is pathetic. You trying to advance in that tag team tournament is a big fail. ME! On the other hand I've advanced in the tournament. You're 1 and 1 since your return ME! Within 3 matches since my return I've captured the WWX Television Title and no losses. Quite frankly it's staying that way. At Wreckage I break you down so I can pick your bones at Ravage and successfully defend my title against you and Kailee. Your well publicized neck injury gives me the incentive to break it again and put you on the shelf for good. No more Empire, no more World Title aspirations, no more King of Wrestling. 
Fozzy walks back to where he was but turns in a different direction to another wall, on the wall you can see posters of Damian Price and Kailee both with big red X's through them. Fozzy points to the posters and starts shadow boxing quick combos in front of them. After a minute or two he stops and wipes the sweat from his forehead and addresses the camera once again.

FOZZY- KAILEE!!! I'M COMING FOR YOU!!!  I find it cute that you want to try to compete with the big boys here. Maybe after I put a spanking on that ass I'll take you out for a nice steak dinner and never call you again. HA HA HA. Kailee you want to make demands on social media for a title shot you're unworthy of, that's fine. I'll take on all comers. I know ever since I won this title the easy target is on my back and I'm ready for it. I'm in high demand and I shall deliver. It's unfortunate that I see you as the weak link and just like how I won the TV title I will take out the weakest in this triple threat. I've already formulated many different game plans to ensure my win on Ravage against you two.

Fozzy breaks his focus from the camera and walks over to the other side of the gym where a ring is set up. He steps inside it and starting running the ropes. The ring which is 20 by 20 feet is big enough for Fozzy to do a couple barrel rolls in between each run of the ropes. Fozzy springboards off the ropes barrel rolls and slides outside of the ring in front of the camera crew. Faintly winded Fozzy continues...

FOZZY- It goes without saying that I'm training hard to keep up with my high demand schedule and I embrace the grind. The question is... Can you two keep up with me? Being the TV champ has become the vocal point of Wreckage and yet here I' am a couple days later defending my belt on Ravage against the likes of you two. Why? Because you two mouthy little girls want to get on social media and provoke the champ. Fine, get ready to embrace the grind. Get ready to be outclassed outsmarted and humbled. I'm here to compete and prove my haters wrong. After this week I will walk out STILL your WWX Television Champion and while you two go back to the drawing board I will go on to win this tag team tournament with Krimson Blaze and be the deserving double champion I'AM. Cause you can't stop rock and roll and you CAN'T STOP FOZZY OZBOURNE! See you two girls on Ravage.

The scene fades with Fozzy shadow boxing in front of the camera.


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