Generic Training Promo #2

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Tue, Nov14, 2017 1:37pm America/Phoenix
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Generic Training Promo #2
Fozzy sits there out of breath on the bottom rung of the ropes in some cheap ring he purchased while he was still wrestling actively years ago. He knew it would be put to good use no matter what, as it was a constant memory of his career. That's why he left it in the backyard on his acreage property in British Columbia Canada. The day was a brisk reminder of what living by the mountains felt like in November. Fozzy adjusts his grey Nike hoodie and wipes the sweat off his brow taking in the view of the Rocky Mountains off in the distance. Fozzy had been running spots and different things practising new and exciting ways of performing his craft and doing this all day long. Training wasn't easy but it never is, it has to be just something you need to do as a part of your lifestyle if you wish to compete at a high level. It had been awhile since Foz was in the ring purely just to work on evolving his arsenal of moves. Of course it was hard to train by yourself but still, running spots and feeling out the ring didn't hurt for cardio training either.

If Fozzy was serious about having a good run in WWX than training is a must, after all Fozzy prided himself on the ability of wrestling hour long matches if the time called for it. Taking the punishment of hardcore gimmick matches wrestling under any circumstance injured or not. Sometimes your pride will break you, sometimes it will carry you through. Fozzy gets lost in thought as he takes a quick break.

"I need to get this first defense of that TV title under my belt to legitimize myself as champion. I already have experience of facing Damian in the ring so I know what I'm expecting and Kailee could be a annoying problem during the match. I have to outsmart these two somehow and know when to strike. I can't break under pressure everything WWX throws at me I have to handle like a professional and embrace it. I can't break I can't show weakness I can't let up. Every week I have to get better and better and push the pace. I have to leave no doubt in everyone's mind that I'm just as good as I say I am. I have to GET UP and finish training."

Fozzy lifts himself up with the top ropes and stands, he takes a good look around at his surroundings in his backyard. Not quite the most well groomed backyard but that didn't matter to Fozzy as he was on the road a lot anyway. He blocks the sun out of his eyes and takes a good look at the mountains off in the distance. The view was Fozzy's little slice of heaven you could say. His property was one of the only wise purchases he made throughout his career. He starts warming up by bouncing around up and down in place loosing up his sore muscles. 

"I don't know what's up with this Damian Price guy he talks sh*t on social media saying he wants a worthy opponent and gets a title shot but shows no heart, just hyped up talk. Kailee is a nut job if she thinks she is going to keep up with me in the ring but at this rate I'd say she has a better chance than Damian. All I know is I must win, I have too. That Television title is proof that I can still give'r in the ring."
Fozzy starts running some more spots in the ring as the scene cuts away


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